lately i’ve been…(october 2014)

(New format, I got sick of the roman numerals!) testing out some quinoa casserole recipes. It’s pretty delicious work and I’m close to a recipe worth sharing! speaking of work…REALLY busy! November is a crazy month work-wise, with a lot of projects due, so posts may be a bit infrequent until things quiet down. taking a… 

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slow cooker brats with sauerkraut + potatoes

If Wisconsin had a slow cooker-themed meal, this would be it. And it feels SO appropriate to share a slow cooker recipe with you today, because I finally felt a bit of fall! We spent last weekend in DC and while our first day was sunny and warm, the rest of the time was cold and drizzly…. 

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Broccoli Pesto Pasta |

broccoli pesto pasta

I’ve received some wonderful cookbooks lately but there’s one problem: I’m drawn to – and therefore bookmarking – all of the cozy and rich, fall and winter meals. And the only problem is that we just came off of another scorching few days (90’s and I’m so over it) and I can’t quite bring myself… 

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Italian Chicken Sausage & Vegetable Soup |

italian chicken sausage & vegetable soup

Back when we lived in Minnesota, soups were a regular lunch rotation while I suffered through winters. Now that winter = 60 degrees, I find myself forgetting to make soups and stews, always waiting until it “cools down just a bit more.” Well, no more. I figured that since my office always feels cold, there’s… 

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Sauteed Banana Oats |

sautéed banana oatmeal

The heat wave finally broke in LA, and now that we can pretend like it’s fall along with everyone else, I’ve got oatmeal on the brain! I love making oatmeal from scratch (as opposed to using the flavored, instant versions – though I use them from time to time!) and loading it with extra flavor,… 

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