I’m not sure if it is because I’m from Wisconsin and grew up eating cheese and crackers on a regular basis or if I have just grown to love artisan cheese but I can easily say that good cheese is one of my favorite foods.  

My April cheese plate: 
Carr Valley Mobay – a layer of sheep’s milk cheese and goat’s milk cheese with a layer of grape vine ash down the middle
Beemster’s – this Dutch cheese is aged for at least 18 months, lending it complex flavors  
An Italian Brie – Italian Taleggio Carozzi. I could not live without brie, it is that simple. 

ask the nutritionist: build a better easter basket

For those of you celebrating Easter this year or a variation of it here are some ideas that go beyond Peeps and Reese’s eggs.  photo by organicpixel Hard Boiled Eggs – classic, protein-filled goodie Annie’s Bunny Graham’s Green & Black Organic Chocolate Bars Stretch Island Fruit Leathers or FruitaBu Smooshed Fruit Seeds to plant with

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snack of the day

If you haven’t tried Rachel’s new line of Cottage Cheese, now is the time!  I haven’t personally tried the Sweet varieties because I don’t care for the added sugar in yogurt or cottage cheese but the Savory varieties are fabulous!  I especially like the Sun Dried Tomato Pesto and the Roasted Red Pepper.  Perfect as

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last-minute lunch

I have yet to take my weekly trip to the grocery store so food is a little scarce around the house but I wanted to find something to take to work for lunch today.  I ended up up making some Annie’s Organic Whole Wheat Mac & Cheese (1 serving) and adding a chicken breast and

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in my cupboard: borba water

I found this water at Target and was initially intrigued by it’s unique bottle shape.  After a closer glance I knew I had to try it.  It is high in antioxidants Vitamin C & E, contains B vitamins, uses natural flavors and is calorie-free.  The lychee fruit flavor was very refreshing and not too sweet. This drink

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in the news: The White House Garden

Alice Waters, the executive chef and owner of the famous Chez Panisse in Berkley, CA is certainly a pioneer in the local & organic food movement. Read what she has to say about food in the White House. Read her interview from the New York Times. Tweet

mediterranean dip

This is an easy dip to put together in a flash.  It combines vegetables, probiotics (from the yogurt),  protein and fiber.  I served with baked pita chips and it made for a very satisfying afternoon snack. Mediterranean Dip 1 container Greek yogurt 1/2 cup chickpeas 2 cups cucumber, chopped Red onion, peppers, olives, chopped (optional)

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