snack of the day

If you haven’t tried Rachel’s new line of Cottage Cheese, now is the time!  I haven’t personally tried the Sweet varieties because I don’t care for the added sugar in yogurt or cottage cheese but the Savory varieties are fabulous!  I especially like the Sun Dried Tomato Pesto and the Roasted Red Pepper.  Perfect as a snack on their own I also like putting them over chopped cucumbers for a filling snack that provides protein and calcium.

last-minute lunch

I have yet to take my weekly trip to the grocery store so food is a little scarce around the house but I wanted to find something to take to work for lunch today.  I ended up up making some Annie’s Organic Whole Wheat Mac & Cheese (1 serving) and adding a chicken breast and 2 cups frozen broccoli.  The result? A fast, convenient, well-rounded meal that keeps me out of a restaurant!

in my cupboard: borba water

I found this water at Target and was initially intrigued by it’s unique bottle shape.  After a closer glance I knew I had to try it.  It is high in antioxidants Vitamin C & E, contains B vitamins, uses natural flavors and is calorie-free.  The lychee fruit flavor was very refreshing and not too sweet. This drink was originally designed by a Esthetician to diminish skin’s dryness, sensitivity and roughness, but I will definitely be buying it again because it tastes great and makes a great cocktail!  Find more information about Borba products here.