in the news: eating for beauty

Can the food you eat nourish your body as well as your looks?

I certainly think so – Read about the article here.

There are no surprises here – fill up on veggies, nuts, salmon and tea and stay away from sugary foods and refined flours.
photo by annkelliott

in my cupboard: raw almond butter

We all know that we should be eating almonds, they are a great snack, etc. etc. I eat almonds, but lately I have been a big fan of almond butter – it is fabulous on banana’s, great in smoothies and easy to throw in just about anything that needs a dose of some healthy fats and protein!
What are the benefits of almonds?
- high in monosaturated fats (good fats, similar to olive oil)
- high in Vitamin E
- can help lower LDL cholesterol
- they are a low glycemic food and can actually help lower the glycemic index of a meal ie. almond butter on toast
- Heart healthy
- source of antioxidants
- great source of protein
- portable and easy to bring anywhere!

photos by Rune T & domestifluff

in my cupboard: amy’s organic brown rice bowl

I had this Organic Brown Rice, Black Eyed Peas & Veggies Bowl from Amy’s in my freezer for a while and I will never let another sit in the freezer for that long again.  It had great Asian flavors and the ginger tasted like it came from real ginger, not powder – the sauce was delicious and the black eyed peas made for a filling meal – the only thing that I would change if I was having it for lunch would be to supplement it with some more broccoli or other veggies.  This vegan meal had 290 calories, 8 g of fiber and 11 g of protein. Perfect for an easy lunch at work and much healthier than take-out! Another great meal by the folks at Amy’s.

ask the nutritionist: eating at the ballpark

The eating experience at a ballpark all depends on where you are – and if you are going to a Yankee’s game, they now post the calorie counts for the beloved sausages, hot dogs and sodas on the board, which I think is so great! I do not count calories religiously but I do think knowing an estimate can sometimes help you make better decisions.  300 calories for a hot dog? Doesn’t seem too bad to me, as long as that is not on top of nacho’s, peanuts and soda. :)  Sorry for those of you who like to have it all!  Hopefully other states and ballparks will start doing the same. I’ll eat a hot dog to that! (kosher beef please)