heirloom tomatoes & salad

These beautiful heirloom tomatoes were picked for their interesting shape but the flavor was unfortunately not as impressive. The salad however was delicious. I made a basic vinaigrette with shallots, mustard, white balsamic vinegar, olive oil and salt and pepper. Tossed with Earthbound Farms Fresh Herb Salad, pine nuts and goat cheese it was a great combination for a hot summer night.

in my cupboard: sunshine burgers

Here comes the sun…

And by that I mean Sunshine Burgers – these veggie burgers first of all taste wonderful (not in a “trying to be a real burger” kind of way) and I love the ingredient list – simple and short. I tried the Garden Herb variety which I simply heated and served with a little mustard and catsup.  I loved that it was kind of crispy and can’t wait to eat another one! I am also VERY excited because while visiting their website I saw that they have 2 new varieties coming out: Falafel and Breakfast. I LOVE falafel!!!

Organic Ground Raw Sun-flower Seeds
Organic Brown Rice
Organic Carrots
Organic Herbs
Sea Salt

in the news: new whole foods in chicago

The new 75,000 square foot store opening today (!) is the 3rd largest Whole Foods in the world. It has seating for 200 in the mezzanine, outdoor tables overlooking the river, 7 neighborhood-themed eateries and the list goes on and on. I’ve heard that there is even a mix-your-own trail-mix bar….oh and you can drink wine while you shop. Hello Lincon Park Whole Foods!!!!
photo by roy.wang

ask the nutritionist: eating at the airport

Finding a healthy, decent-tasting meal at the airport is like playing the lottery. Will I have time to grab something before grabbing my connecting flight? What restaurants will they have? Since I live in Minneapolis, I am lucky to have a lot of good airport dining choices and I usually am able to pick up a great salad to go – my favorite?  French Meadow Bakery & Cafe (a Minneapolis local) which offers organic, fresh, delicious food. (gasp! I know, it hardly seems possible)

While recently at Midway airport with about 5 minutes to spare I quickly scanned what was there and managed to find a “Pub” with to-go salads. I grabbed a Greek salad and fruit cup along with some raw onion crackers that I had brought along. Was it the best salad I’ve ever had? Obviously not, but it sure beat McDonalds. 
Score: B (I would have given myself an A but there was a lot of plastic waste that I was feeling really guilty about)