Finding a healthy, decent-tasting meal at the airport is like playing the lottery. Will I have time to grab something before grabbing my connecting flight? What restaurants will they have? Since I live in Minneapolis, I am lucky to have a lot of good airport dining choices and I usually am able to pick up a great salad to go – my favorite?  French Meadow Bakery & Cafe (a Minneapolis local) which offers organic, fresh, delicious food. (gasp! I know, it hardly seems possible)

While recently at Midway airport with about 5 minutes to spare I quickly scanned what was there and managed to find a “Pub” with to-go salads. I grabbed a Greek salad and fruit cup along with some raw onion crackers that I had brought along. Was it the best salad I’ve ever had? Obviously not, but it sure beat McDonalds. 
Score: B (I would have given myself an A but there was a lot of plastic waste that I was feeling really guilty about)

in my cupboard: good earth green tea

Simply said, I love this stuff.  It is my favorite morning drink and my favorite afternoon pick-me-up. The flavor is amazing and it has the perfect hint of mango, peach and pineapple. I love that tea leaves me feeling so clean – and I of course appreciate the antioxidants it provides.  Tweet

book review:RAWvolution

Yesterday the taster asked me if the hum of the dehydrator was going to be a new addition to life. Answer? Yes! I’m obsessed with trying these new raw recipes that I was never able to try pre-dehydrator.  Matt Amsden’s book called RAWvolution has beautiful photo’s of the recipes (which I always love in a cookbook)

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restaurant: the nook

I know, I know this is supposed to be a “health” food blog…but sometimes classic culinary excursions are necessary.  And I’m not one to turn those down. The Nook has been around in St. Paul since 1938 (I told you this was a historical event) – they serve the “Juicy Lucy” and about 18 other

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in my cupboard: kashi mayan harvest bake

Sometimes frozen meals are lacking flavor and need extra salt on top of the usually large amount of sodium already – not this one. It only has 380 mg of sodium, and for a meal (and a frozen one at that) I was pretty impressed!  This meal goes far beyond your frozen lasagna. It contains plantains,

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in the news: another reason to eat loca

I came across this article in the March issue of Gourmet and ever since reading it I have thought twice about the tomatoes that cross my plate. It is definitely worth reading and passing along to remind us to be mindful of where our food is coming from and that eating local is more important

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may cheese plate

Cheeses of May:  Rosey Goat: I love goat cheese and I love rosemary.  Put them together and get Rosey Goat! It is not as soft as goat cheese normally is, but the rosemary adds such a great flavor.  Carr Valley Creama Kasa: This is a Wisconsin Cow’s milk cheese that is very buttery and smooth.

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