may cheese plate

Cheeses of May: 

Rosey Goat: I love goat cheese and I love rosemary.  Put them together and get Rosey Goat! It is not as soft as goat cheese normally is, but the rosemary adds such a great flavor. 

Carr Valley Creama Kasa: This is a Wisconsin Cow’s milk cheese that is very buttery and smooth.  I hope this is what heaven tastes like…

Aged Gouda: I always like to have an aged cheese on a cheese plate and gouda has been the preferred choice lately. 

raw “nacho” lunch

Raw “nachos” might be one of my favorite raw meals – perhaps it is because I actually feel that I can make a decent raw sauce or perhaps it is my love of Mexican foods. 
I just made my FIRST ever batch of “raw” tortilla chips – so much easier then I ever thought! (Thanks for the dehydrator Mom!)  I processed a 16 oz bag of Organic Frozen (but thawed) corn with cumin, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper.  Spread out on the dehydrator sheets and they slowly dried for about 12 hours – they were good at this point, but I decided to put them in for a few more hours to crisp them up a bit more.  I was really happy with how they turned out and I will be making these and other raw crackers and breads, etc. again soon! Next time I might add some cilantro to the chips? Not sure how that would turn out….
Cheese Sauce is always a bit different batch to batch and I liked this version a lot – I used raw pine nuts soaked in water(1/2 cup each), jalapeno pepper(1 Tbsp), salt, cumin, cayenne pepper and nutritional yeast. 
Drizzled the cheese over romaine, kale, cilantro, chopped yellow pepper along with cucumber chips and my raw tortilla chips. 
Interested in trying raw foods?  What is your favorite raw foods meal? There are some great online resources, let me know if you are interested! 

scallops & leeks

Scallops are a wonderful seafood treat. I don’t get them too often, mainly because I never felt that I could prepare them in a way that was worthy of the lovely scallop. 

But today, I had the taster, who is my official meat and seafood, cooking and grilling connoisseur do a WONDERFUL job on the scallops. (I secretly don’t have much interest in meat prep) I seasoned them with salt, pepper and olive oil and also added a little sprinkling of sugar to help caramelize them. They were then seared on a hot pan with some melted butter (that was very hot) and sprinkled with chopped garlic.  The result? Perfectly cooked scallops with a bit of a “crust” and a soft, melt-in-your-mouth inside.  Served with sliced, sauteed leeks and a salad, it was a treat of a meal!