in the news: is this why french women are thin?

France is sounding better and better.  Fresh baguettes, real butter and wine anyone? 
They spend more time eating, more time sleeping than most other countries – which are both recommended when trying to lose weight.  What does this message mean to those of us here in America? 
Sit down to eat and get to bed! 
Read the report here
photo by Delov-Martin Deak

in my cupboard: coconut milk ice cream

I actually got to know the freezer-guy at my co-op over this ice cream.  That’s how much I requested it, asked if it was there yet and I’m sure generally just drove him crazy. But let me tell you, it was worth it.  It’s now at a lot of Whole Foods, co-ops and even the little health-food stores.  

Why do I love this ice-cream?  Let me count the ways….i love coconut, it is extra creamy, sweetened with agave syrup (lower glycemic index), vegan, no soy, no trans fats, made with Organic ingredients, and it even has fiber (plain coconut has 6g per 1/2 cup). 
Flavors I’ve tried: Coconut, Vanilla Bean, Cookie Dough (All fabulous)  I also just spotted the new Passionate Mango flavor which I will be trying next ice cream purchase!
Visit their website for more information!

snack of the day

This filling snack provides calcium, protein, fiber and antioxidants.   Perfect for the afternoon! Rich, creamy, fruity – YUM!  Greek yogurt is my absolute favorite because it is full of protein and is so delicious that it doesn’t need any of the added sugars and sweeteners that most yogurts have. I used a container of Fage 2%, blueberries and a sprinkle of ground flax. 
photo by: Meetak 

need of a quick appetizer?

This dip came from a bottle of Roasted Red Pepper Bruschetta (Archer Farms from Target) and some feta cheese that needed to be used.  (Not to mention that I love the pepper & feta combination) Normally I buy my feta in a block form because I think it tastes better, but I had crumbles and so I simply put the bruschetta in a dish, sprinkled the feta on top and microwaved until hot! I served it with endive leaves and cucumber slices.  Fast, easy & delicious!

photo by: luluisforlovers