The sunshine burgers are back in a falafel version and as expected, they are fabulous!
Served with tzatziki sauce and a greek salad it was a fast, fresh, balanced meal! I can’t wait to try the Southwest variety as well – these are definitely a new staple in our house!

My Tzatziki Recipe:
Greek yogurt (I prefer 2%)
Chopped cucumber
Minced garlic
Splash of olive oil & vinegar
Dill, Salt & Pepper

book review: Naturally Thin

Of course being a 20-something lady I love the Real Housewives show and Bethanny from the NY show is one of my faves because I think we have some similar ideas and thoughts on food, eating and enjoying life. So I was of course excited to read her new book titled, Naturally Thin. I wasn’t

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june cheese plate

Carr Valley Menage – This is a mix of cow, sheep and goat milk that is unbelievably creamy. Carr Valley, a local Wisconsin cheese company can pretty much do no wrong. I grew up eating the Carr Valley cheddar and swiss and I never really even knew until recently that they had artisanal cheeses –

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raw california ranch salad

This recipe was inspired by Gena at Choosing Raw – she had a recipe for a California Ranch Wrap – raw style that looked great! Since I usually have to pack everything up to take to work I thought I would just chop everything for the sake of ease Salad Ingredients: – Napa cabbage -

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the best endeavor yet

The summer’s bring a time of farmers markets, sitting on the balcony outside, herb gardens…and not an extra minute to enjoy it!  (Although I would NEVER complain about it!!! ha!) Five years ago I started working with a weight-loss camp for kids along with my parents and now because I have a full-time job I

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eating experiment: part 2

So far so good! I didn’t make it home Sunday for dinner so I am actually down to 2 dinners, 3 lunches (out of the office tomorrow) and 4 breakfasts. I know it doesn’t seem like that many meals and considering that I already have some of the ingredients for 1 of the dinners I

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spring rolls

I must admit, the thought of making Spring Rolls was a bit daunting and I never even imagined that it was possible! That is until I came across a cooking lesson for kids, making what else but Spring Rolls! They were surprisingly easy to make and I will be making these again and again –

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