in my cupboard: sunshine falafel burgers

The sunshine burgers are back in a falafel version and as expected, they are fabulous!
Served with tzatziki sauce and a greek salad it was a fast, fresh, balanced meal! I can’t wait to try the Southwest variety as well – these are definitely a new staple in our house!

My Tzatziki Recipe:
Greek yogurt (I prefer 2%)
Chopped cucumber
Minced garlic
Splash of olive oil & vinegar
Dill, Salt & Pepper

book review: Naturally Thin

Of course being a 20-something lady I love the Real Housewives show and Bethanny from the NY show is one of my faves because I think we have some similar ideas and thoughts on food, eating and enjoying life. So I was of course excited to read her new book titled, Naturally Thin.
I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this book but many of her “10 Rules” make a lot of sense to me. My favorite was: Know Yourself – this means that you really need to listen to your own body and everyone is different so it doesn’t make sense that you would eat exactly the same as someone else. I also appreciate that no food is off-limits and it is not about counting calories, carbs or anything else. I hope to try some of her recipes as well. Her Spinach, Chive and Ricotta Linguini sounded especially good.
There were a few things that I didn’t like however –
There were a few “side bar” comments regarding celebrities, which maybe helps sell books but it seemed a little bit like “I know so and so celebrity”.
Also some of her days she seems to barely eat anything at all and will skip a meal and a snack in a row. Now this goes back to the “know yourself” rule, which I do agree with to a certain extent, sometimes on the weekends I’m not as hungry for lunch so I’ll just kind of snack, but I don’t know about you but I can’t just skip meals and then snacks…..Just doesn’t happen in my world. :)
And lastly, being the food lover that I am, having “2 bites” of a great pasta or meal is not realistic to me. I don’t need a plate-full of pasta, but I’m going to have more than “2 bites”.
I guess with all diet books, if you can take a few snippets of good information to apply to real life it can be considered a benefit!

june cheese plate

Carr Valley MenageThis is a mix of cow, sheep and goat milk that is unbelievably creamy. Carr Valley, a local Wisconsin cheese company can pretty much do no wrong. I grew up eating the Carr Valley cheddar and swiss and I never really even knew until recently that they had artisanal cheeses – which I’ve definitely been enjoying! Try this one out!

Goat GoudaThis goats milk cheese was such so smooth! I love goat and gouda so why not try them together? I of course adored it – it would be great paired with other flavorful food as the flavor wasn’t overpowering at all
Young Manchego - Ohhh Manchego, I must admit, prior to this Spring I wasn’t very familiar with you, but now I can officially say that I have fallen for you and you are one of my favorites. Next time I would like to try an aged Manchego.

raw california ranch salad

This recipe was inspired by Gena at Choosing Raw – she had a recipe for a California Ranch Wrap – raw style that looked great! Since I usually have to pack everything up to take to work I thought I would just chop everything for the sake of ease :)

Salad Ingredients:
- Napa cabbage
- chopped carrot
- green pepper
- cucumber
- avocado
- Gena’s raw ranch (cashew based)

The ranch dressing from Gena was awesome and I didn’t even use any fresh herbs because I didn’t have any – next time there will be some fresh ones and I imagine that it will add that much more flavor. I see many more of these colorful salads in my future!