As my grocery trips have started getting more and more expensive I wondered how I could reign it in a bit – I know people do this all the time – my parent’s called it an “austerity program” and I didn’t even have the slightest clue on how to spell that, so that tells you how many “austerity programs” I’ve been on in my adult life.  :(  Sorry Dad, I really am trying this time!!!

My problem? I LOVE the grocery store, high-quality, organic food, trying the newest and greatest foods, and oh yes, my love of expensive cheese. So, could I possibly spend $50 a week on breakfast and lunch (for myself) and dinner for two? I will start off easy (Sunday night – Thursday night) so 4 breakfasts, lunches and dinners (only 4 days because I’m at camp on the weekends) and I’m cheating a bit because I already some dinner ingredients that I didn’t use this week. So I’ll aim for $40!
I would love any grocery store budget tips if you have them!

in my cupboard: salad girl dressings

These Minnesota local dressings taste as fresh and delicious as they look. I found them at the farmer’s market last year and now you can find them at co-ops, Whole Foods Market and stores like Kowalski’s.  Why I like them: – they taste amazing! – local and organic – down to earth ingredients – not your

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potato chips & french onion dip

I came across two recipes on the EatingWell website and previous to this I never knew that you could make potato chips in the microwave?!?! Well apparently you can and I did. Find the recipe here – but it is as simple as can be – slice, toss with olive oil and salt and microwave. (I

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focus on: chez panisse

I have never had the pleasure of eating at this iconic restaurant but I vow to get there someday soon!  Chez Panisse opened in Berkley in 1971 by Alice Waters and some of her like-minded friends. Chez Panisse was founded on the thoughts that the best-tasting food is organically grown and harvested ecologically. Instead of

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mediterranean omelet

The flavors from the Mediterranean are some of my favorite – fish, fresh veggies, olives and wine.  The taster makes a mean omelet and this was an amazing one! Here it is cooking all together. It had sauteed zucchini and garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, chopped spinach and crumbled Feta cheese (still using the 10 lb block from Costco) Served with

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creamy-feta vinaigrette

I came across this salad dressing in the June edition of Food & Wine (no wonder I love this magazine…just so happens to be two of my favorite things Anyway, I love most things that involve feta cheese and greek salads are one of my favorites so I figured I would like this dressing. I

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ask the nutritionist: is this really bad for me?

Since I am a Nutritionist, this is a question that I get all the time. And honestly, it is a pretty hard one for me to answer.  My mantra really is: Everything in Moderation. In my ideal world everyone would have access and be able to afford – and want to eat organic, “whole” foods,

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