in my cupboard: salad girl dressings

These Minnesota local dressings taste as fresh and delicious as they look.

I found them at the farmer’s market last year and now you can find them at co-ops, Whole Foods Market and stores like Kowalski’s.  Why I like them:
- they taste amazing!
- local and organic
- down to earth ingredients
- not your basic ranch
The Blueberry Basil so far is my all time favorite.  It is amazing in a salad with greens, blue cheese and almonds.
I also tried the Fig & Curry. It was a little sweet on a salad for me but I’m planning on using it in a different kind of salad – I’ll keep you posted on the results.

potato chips & french onion dip

I came across two recipes on the EatingWell website and previous to this I never knew that you could make potato chips in the microwave?!?! Well apparently you can and I did.

Find the recipe here – but it is as simple as can be – slice, toss with olive oil and salt and microwave. (I love knowing that there are only 3 ingredients involved) My slices took a little longer than the recipe said but they might have been a little thick, but they ended up crispy and crunchy! I can’t wait to make my sweet potato chips in the microwave when I’m short on time.
I also made some French Onion Dip – recipe found here and loosely followed the recipe, it turned out delicious and I think would be a big hit at a BBQ or picnic.  It was reminiscent of the old favorite, but much tastier and sans weird ingredients and preservatives.

focus on: chez panisse

I have never had the pleasure of eating at this iconic restaurant but I vow to get there someday soon!  Chez Panisse opened in Berkley in 1971 by Alice Waters and some of her like-minded friends. Chez Panisse was founded on the thoughts that the best-tasting food is organically grown and harvested ecologically. Instead of ordering through food-service distributors they went right to local farmers and suppliers to get the freshest food possible.

Alice Water’s story is one that is both inspiring and refreshing – I hope that we will continue to see more restaurants who can follow in the Chez Panisse footprints and ideals.  Here is an example of the ever-changing menu.
photo by superhappyfoodie

Friday, June 12, 2009

Green bean, red potato, and Sun Gold tomato salad with tapenade,  $9.50

Cannard Farm avocado and beet salad with citrus vinaigrette,  $10.00

Blue Heron Farm Little Gems lettuce with anchovy, garlic, and egg,  $9.00

Local halibut tartare toasts with cucumbers, crème fraîche, and chervil,  $12.00

Pizzetta with scallions and sheep’s milk ricotta,  $14.50

*Pizzetta with chard and sausage,  $15.00

Baked Andante Dairy goat cheese with garden lettuces,  $10.00

Garden lettuce salad,  $8.00

Spring vegetable minestrone with pastina and pesto,  $8.00

House-made spaghetti with morel mushroom ragù and peas,  $21.00

Wild king salmon in saffron broth with corn, zucchini, and cilantro,  $28.00

Fried Devil’s Gulch Ranch rabbit with polenta, sweet and sour peppers,

pine nuts, and raisins,  $25.00

Grass-fed Dexter beef loin roast with snap peas, turnips, and potato-sorrel gratin,  $29.00

Monterey Bay squid roasted in the wood oven with white beans,

rapini, breadcrumbs, and aïoli,  $19.00

Side orders: A plate of olives, anchovies, or Tuscan olive oil,  $3.50 each


Artisan cheese: Tome de Couserans, Herbillette, and Panache d’Aramits,  $16.00

Kashiwase Farms nectarine and blueberry cobbler with pluot ice cream,  $9.75

Vanilla bean cream puffs with Catalan Farm strawberries, raspberries, and framboise eau de vie,  $9.00

Sunny Slope Orchard Spring Crest peach sherbet with marionberries and langues de chat,  $8.25

Bittersweet chocolate ice cream with chocolate-almond nougatine and caramel,  $9.00

A bowl of Lagier Ranches Bing cherries,  $8.50

mediterranean omelet

The flavors from the Mediterranean are some of my favorite – fish, fresh veggies, olives and wine.  The taster makes a mean omelet and this was an amazing one!

Here it is cooking all together.

It had sauteed zucchini and garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, chopped spinach and crumbled Feta cheese (still using the 10 lb block from Costco)
Served with an arugula salad with balsamic dressing it was a perfect Sunday morning brunch.  What are your favorite omelet ingredients?