The second try of the beloved Green Monster smoothie went much better than my first try.
With the addition of frozen peaches and brown rice protein powder it turned out to be a much nicer color than the first edition but still not the vibrant green that I had seen.
Taste? Delicious!

Well they say the third time is a charm and that definitely was the case for me and my quest to find the perfect Green Monster smoothie.
I finally had almond milk and used fresh spinach on this one which I think helped add to the fabulous color!
Frozen banana, almond milk, fresh spinach, Naked’s Green Machine and hemp protein & fiber powder.

This was by far the best-tasting and is the winning combo – I will of course keep trying new flavors to keep it fresh but I will be making this recipe again very soon!

farmer’s market finds

The first trip to the farmer’s market of the season is one that makes me a little nervous – will they have any vegetables? (there were freezing temperatures a little over a month ago).  My first trip unfortunately was a cold and rainy day so I didn’t really spend too much time but I did

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review: dr. kracker flax crackers

The self-described “uber crunch” crackers really are the crunchiest crackers I’ve ever tried. I had the Seeded Spelt which is 100% whole grain and has 110 calories, 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein per flat bread – pretty impressive for a cracker! The pumpkin seeds that covered the cracker just add to

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in the news: the secret to staying young

With all the talk about antioxidants, what are they and what do they really do? The cells in our body are constantly under attack from free radicals.  The free radicals are naturally produced as your body makes energy from food but can also come from environmental stresses – pollution, smoking, etc. What is so bad

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huevos rancheros

This is an easy, satisfying meal (although anything that involves eggs usually is for me) that comes together quick and provides lots of filling protein and fiber.  I served my eggs over a bed of organic baby romaine and black beans, sprinkled with Habenero hot sauce. There is something about eggs and beans that I

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in my cupboard: hemp protein & fiber powder

As you might know – I love all things hemp. Hemp Bagels are one of my favorites AND Manitoba Harvest’s Hemp Protein Powder also has those amazing hemp properties that I appreciate! Since I’ve been making more smoothies lately, it really helps if I add a bit of protein powder to keep me going through

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trying the green monster – part 1

This is a smoothie I have seen all over the blog world so I decided I should finally try it out. Angela, Jenna and Haley have all written about it and seem to love it. And while I’m certainly open to green juices (Read about my love of greens here) I will definitely admit that

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