trying the green monster – part 1

This is a smoothie I have seen all over the blog world so I decided I should finally try it out. Angela, Jenna and Haley have all written about it and seem to love it. And while I’m certainly open to green juices (Read about my love of greens here) I will definitely admit that adding a handful of spinach to my morning smoothie was a little nerve-racking.
See first try here: as you can see it is an awful color. The taste? Good but I did get a few tastes of spinach. Not in an awful kind of way but it was there.
(It had frozen banana, frozen spinach and mango juice)

I was out of almond milk and I really did want to add that so I defintely have some tweaking to do on flavor and color! Also fresh spinach might turn out better as well. More to come on the Green Monsters…

ask the nutritionist: make over asian sunday

The taster loves to have Asian Sundays and order Chinese take-out. Don’t get me wrong, I love the take-out too, but lately I have been thinking that I could do our own Asian Sunday meal with a lot less grease and guilt but that tastes just as good. I’m certainly not saying this is the healthiest of meals but it is certainly a huge step-up from take-out.
I found some egg rolls and Thai Chicken Goyzas from Trader Joe’s that I made with some Shrimp & Veggie stir-fry. It was a quick and easy meal that satisfied the Chinese craving and left me feeling good, not stuffed.
Do you have a meal that you have made-over or needs to be made-over?