Sometime within the last month or so I’ve converted into the person who puts hot sauce on everything! I’m not sure why the sudden change but I’m loving the spice!

I first tried the Sriracha on pizza during a trip to LA and I have used the Sambal Oelek sauce for a while now in stir-fry’s, veggies, etc. (a Ground Fresh Chili Paste) but now I can’t live without the Chili sauce. Just. Can’t. Do. It.
There are impostors out there, but there really is no competition. Just look for the Green cap and Rooster. The name Sriracha is a region of Thailand and while this version doesn’t have the spice factor of the sauces you would find in Thailand it is still made in the traditional way and using the traditional ingredients, in California of course. :)
What do I put it on?
Eggs, pizza, salads, sauces, veggie burgers, chicken/fish…..ok, anything that needs a little spice!
What do you put hot sauce on?

kitchen gadget: salad dresser

Sometimes a little invention comes along that makes you wish you had come up with it. Enter the salad dresser (that is what I’m naming it, not sure what it’s proper name is) – This kitchen gadget came from Crate & Barrel and was a great gift from a great friend (Thanks Anna!) and it

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in my cupboard: the walnut burger

I will admit that I’m not actually a huge fan of walnuts, so I wasn’t instantly drawn to the Walnut burger but I had the chance to sample it at a food show and it really is delicious. It is so different from the other “veggie” aka soy burgers I’ve had – in a good

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As I was reading an article in the most recent Gourmet, it occurred to me. I was meant to live in the 50′s, host fabulous cocktail parties – complete with a too-cute dress, apron and heels – a dirty martini in one hand and a tray of hors devours  in the other…and while this sounds great to

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summer cocktail: white wine mojito

I came across a recipe for a white wine mojito in a special Whole Foods publication and was instantly inspired! I love wine and I love mojito’s so it was a no-brainer for me. I changed the recipe a bit and this is what I ended up with: 1 bottle white wine 1 cup sparkling

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review: goraw pumpkin superchips

I bought these chips not knowing if I would like them, some of the “raw crackers” are too flaxy for me. These, however are great! They have agave so there is a hint of sweetness and I actually like snacking on a few with my smoothies. These crackers are raw, vegan, organic and gluten-free and

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ask the nutritionist: favorite fast food

CHIPOTLE! Now usually I bring my own lunch to work, but there are definitely times when I don’t have time the night before or I just don’t have any great lunch food on hand…or I’m just plain lazy I work in the suburbs and so there are not a lot of great restaurant options (think

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