so long summer meal

Nothing says Midwest summer night like corn on the cob and a B.L.T. It always brings back memories of swimming at the lake and dinners on the porch. I’ve done an awful job of representing my Midwest culture this summer as this is my first time having corn on the cob. But when I finally saw some organic, local corn I took full advantage.
The taster likes to cook it in some crazy way (a little milk and sugar in the water – anyone else ever heard of that?) I like mine straight up grilled. But what don’t I like grilled? So we compromised and cooked it in the crazy water mixture and then finished it off on the grill.
It was perfect and totally hit the spot. Fresh organic (albiet white) bread, uncured bacon and local corn from WF’s and tomatoes and lettuce from the farmer’s market.
And instead of dinners on the porch, looking at trees, I now have this:

Beautiful sunsets in Minneapolis

in the news: milwaukee public market

My good friend Mary Beth had told me about this market and so with my frequent Milwaukee trips recently I knew I had to get there. During my last visit when I was with my Mom, we were a little too late and the market was already closed :(
The Market consists of various little shops and then various food stations (kind of like a food court but MUCH nicer, with WAY better food!) They have sushi, an oyster bar, Mediterranean, Mexican, Wisconsin, bakery, etc. I was in heaven.

I started my day off at the Green Kitchen for a green juice. The juice consisted of apple, cucumber, lime and wheat grass. It was pretty good but I had really been hoping for my favorite combo.

We ended up going back for lunch with the parents before my cousins wedding so that we could each get what we were feeling (plus I was kind of obsessed with it by this point). I went with the Mediterranean flavors (per usual) and got a side salad along with falafel, hummus and tabbouleh. (Also where I got the inspiration for this meal) The hummus and tabbouleh were great but cold falafel? Not totally my thing. I love it hot, but apparently not cold.

I’ll be heading back to the market in a few weeks for another trip to Milwaukee…next to try? Either a salad at the Green Kitchen or a trip to the Wine Bar. Or both if I’m feeling especially crazy :)

operation clean-out

No, I do not have 8+ children a la Jon & Kate. (And no, I don’t have the famous hair either) All of this food is for 2 people. So I decided that another eating experiment was in store for me and my fridge. Could I not go to the store for over a week and a half???

I stocked up at Whole Foods last Sunday and the taster got a bunch of veggies from the farmer’s market (sometimes I wish I worked in a HUGE office that had their own farmer’s market…) but anyway, we have a full freezer as well. Should be easy, right?

Note to self: Do NOT send the taster to the meat counter at Whole Foods when trying to follow a budget…It never ends well.

So I’m thinking fresh pesto with pasta, shrimp & bread (freezer), peanut-sauce stir-fry, Amy’s frozen goodnesses, Sunshine burgers, etc.

Confession: I might have to hit the store for lettuce however…I don’t think I can go that long without some greens in my life…

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

PS. I think we’ll have plenty of condiments as well…

in my cupboard: stocked fruit bowl

On a good day, this is what my fruit bowl looks like. And I love it when it looks like this – the possibilities are endless and I know I will not run short of fresh fruit and veggies anytime soon. What will I do with all of this? The grape tomatoes will be made into a tomato salad with basil vinaigrette. The bananas? Into Gena’s soft serve that I have been meaning to make forever! The mango’s will be breakfast and snacks and the lemons and garlic will be used in the mussels. Tomatoes and avocado’s are for lunches I take to work and well, the limes? They might just be used in a cocktail, but that can’t be confirmed quite yet. ;)