Nothing says Midwest summer night like corn on the cob and a B.L.T. It always brings back memories of swimming at the lake and dinners on the porch. I’ve done an awful job of representing my Midwest culture this summer as this is my first time having corn on the cob. But when I finally saw some organic, local corn I took full advantage.
The taster likes to cook it in some crazy way (a little milk and sugar in the water – anyone else ever heard of that?) I like mine straight up grilled. But what don’t I like grilled? So we compromised and cooked it in the crazy water mixture and then finished it off on the grill.
It was perfect and totally hit the spot. Fresh organic (albiet white) bread, uncured bacon and local corn from WF’s and tomatoes and lettuce from the farmer’s market.
And instead of dinners on the porch, looking at trees, I now have this:

Beautiful sunsets in Minneapolis

in the news: milwaukee public market

My good friend Mary Beth had told me about this market and so with my frequent Milwaukee trips recently I knew I had to get there. During my last visit when I was with my Mom, we were a little too late and the market was already closed The Market consists of various little shops

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operation clean-out

No, I do not have 8+ children a la Jon & Kate. (And no, I don’t have the famous hair either) All of this food is for 2 people. So I decided that another eating experiment was in store for me and my fridge. Could I not go to the store for over a week

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in my cupboard: stocked fruit bowl

On a good day, this is what my fruit bowl looks like. And I love it when it looks like this – the possibilities are endless and I know I will not run short of fresh fruit and veggies anytime soon. What will I do with all of this? The grape tomatoes will be made

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lunchables for adults

In my quest for new lunches, I decided to make some of my favorite snacks into lunch. Meet the lunchables. Adult version. 2 French Meadow Sprouted Fat Flush Tortillas, baked until crispy, cucumber, lettuce, red peppers home-made hummus, marinated artichokes & kalamata olive tapenade oikos tzatziki Voila! A quick to assemble lunch – extremely portable and

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glass noodle stir-fry: revised

This twist on my favorite spring rolls was inspired by a “Glass Noodle Stir-Fry” from the July edition of Food & Wine. I went from rice noodles to zucchini noodles in spring roll wrappers. They were great…the rest of dinner? Not so much. The taster and I went to an Asian Market one night after

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ask the nutritionist: meal planning

I am what you call a planner. Plain. And. Simple. I have most of my weekends planned through October and while it drives some of you crazy (and you know who you are) I happen to like being organized! (Ok…it may be on the border of organization and craziness) But the most important of planning?

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