In honor of The Julia herself (it is her birthday after all), I wanted to dabble in a little cuisine de Francais. My choice cuisine? What better than a tart? I found a recipe in the August issue of Bon Appetit and when there is baking involved I’ve learned an important lesson: Always, ALWAYS follow the directions. Exactly. And since that doesn’t really work for me and not to mention that I don’t have a tart pan, I thought I would use puff pastry instead. (I’m just being realistic with myself folks) I did have an issue with puff pastry in the past (my friend Marie’s Shower) so I will admit, I was hoping that with proper prep and knowledge I could make a tart that would maybe, just maybe turn out.

Here is the Onion, Anchovy & Kalamata olive tart. (With a corner without olives for the taster) I kind of decided after trying this that I don’t like anchovies (which was a total bummer because the flavor was all over)

With a side of balsamic portobella mushrooms.

A Tomato Tart with Asiago shavings – my favorite for the night!
Happy Birthday Julia Child!!!!!

friday nights & frozen pizzas

Sometimes a girl’s just got to have frozen pizza. A Nutritionist eating frozen pizza? I think so! This however, was not your average frozen pizza. This was a Mushroom & Truffle Pizza from Trader Joe’s – oh so enjoyable with some wine and a Friday night at home. Does it get any better than pizza

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restaurant: Seven Steakhouse

I had very high expectations for Seven Steakhouse. Unfortunately, it did not quite live up to them. I’m certainly not saying it was awful – the taster ordered an awesome steak that was absolutely delightful. The meat was perfect, done to perfection and the honey bourbon sauce with crab was the icing on the cake…or

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spring rolls: revisited

Ever since my last experience with Spring Rolls, I have been officially obsessed. And unfortunately for my food budget, I have been making too-frequent trips to the grocery store for lunch spring roll “emergencies”. But that was all in the past. I’m back to making my own and they are SO much better than the

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My good friend Nikki is moving to California this month  (one of those situations where I’m sad she’s leaving but so happy for her at the same time!) Since she has a special place in her heart for Spain I wanted to have her over for some Spanish Tapas – or my attempt at Spanish

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mastering the art of: eggs

I love it when Sunday mornings start like this – some yoga already under my belt, coffee with a quiet city and some sunshine! This particular Sunday I decided to make some eggs. Not any eggs, the way eggs are meant to be… I love eggs – pretty much any way they come, I’ll take

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baking fail

It’s official blogging world. I cannot bake to save my life. While enjoying a relaxing Saturday afternoon at home, pondering what to make for a snack I remembered that I had been dying to try Tina’s Peanut Buttery Bars.  They sounded so simple and easy (not to mention that they looked delicious) and I thought

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