I heart green beans. They are definitely up there on my “favorite veggie” list. I have a constant supply of frozen hericot verts in my freezer throughout the winter but there is something to say about fresh green beans – I love how the beans from the Farmer’s Market are never perfectly shaped and sized. It makes them real. Now that they are in season I haven’t touched my frozen stash. Have no fear, I’ll be back soon :)

My favorite way to prepare? Simple and easy.
1 lb. green beans
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 Tbsp olive oil
Salt & pepper
Crushed red pepper (for some heat!)

Saute it all together now…

My very veggie-meal (it was needed after a day of barely any veggies and an indulgent day/night before) Green beans, zucchini with a sriracha sour-cream and Rach’s Tomato, Avocado & Hearts of Palm salad.

Green Bean Goodness

What is your favorite vegetable?

tomato, avocado & hearts of palm salad

Apparently it’s a good week for Rach and I. I saw this recipe and wanted to try it out since I’m not too familiar with the hearts. I got the ingredients and then literally the next day, the lovely Mrs. Myers at Eat Move Write had a veggie challenge to try a new veggie. Perfect!

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restaurant: the wicked hop

On a recent trip to Milwaukee, my Mom and I stopped by the Wicked Hop for a bloody mary and some eats. The Wicked Hop is located in the Historic 3rd ward of Milwaukee, a great little neighborhood for shopping and eating! bloody mary: this really was a meal in a glass: pickle, mushroom, olive,

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in my cupboard: agua de coco

Nature’s wonder drink! I was not always a fan of the coconut water, but like all things in life I’ll keep trying them if I think I should or it would be beneficial (it took me about 23 years to finally find my appreciation for olives and now I loooove them!) Now why is Coconut

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simple summer pasta

This pasta was inspired by a Rachael Ray recipe for an herbed pasta topped with bacon. I ended up with an easy, light, delicious pasta that I will definitely be making again soon!  It is incredibly fresh tasting and so easy to throw together. Recipe: 4 oz whole wheat pasta 2 grilled portabella mushrooms 4

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