Not only is my co-op one of the best in the country (it’s true) it is pretty much my personal playground. No matter how many times I go I can easily spend countless hours wandering the aisles checking for the latest and greatest new foods, products, miracles, etc.

I prefer to go by myself because then I don’t have anyone rushing me ;) but the other night we went after a long Monday at work. Dinner was planned but the plans quickly changed when I saw garbanzo stew in the hot bar. I was sold and made up something about how it would just be too late to make something from scratch. The taster wanted nothing to do with garbanzo stew and settled on some turkey meatballs that he would doctor up at home with onion, peppers, pepperoni, garlic and sauce. Both of us were happy with our own choices and we ate within 15 minutes of arriving home. I knew I couldn’t make salmon that fast! :)


Garbanzo Stew over steamed veggies.


Lots of broccolini because I love it.


Tasters turkey-meat-ball-sauce over whole-wheat noodles.


PS. This was not an approved portion… :)

teras whey

in my cupboard: tera’s whey

Finding this protein powder was SO much fun! I had an “internet date” with Holly from The Healthy Everythingtarian and it was a perfect first date in my opinion She is as much fun in person as she conveys through her blog. I hope to see her again soon, I’ll probably be needing some more

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baked eggs & herbs

In a quest to use my new ramekins for something other than mac & cheese, use some herbs, incorporate one of my favorite ingredients AND make something a little special on a day off of work I decided on some baked eggs. They are simple and satisfying, and really, what more can you ask for

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I had seen a recipe in the Rachel Ray magazine and decided it would be the perfect meal to eat 1/2 and save 1/2 for a rainy (or snowy – eek!) day. I changed the recipe a bit based on what I had on hand. I also used bison instead of lamb or beef –

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rustic white bean & herb dip

What to do with leftover white beans from this? Make a dip of course! Recipe: 1 can or leftover beans 2 Tbsp olive oil 2 cloves garlic, chopped 1-2 Tbsp herbs, chopped ( I used rosemary and thyme) Heat oil in skillet (if you want it burnt like mine – which actually turned out great

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restaurant: butcher block

For the tasters Birthday he decided on a new restaurant in our neighborhood called The Butcher Block. “Where meat is our passion; organic, grass-fed & sustainable are our principles; and serving great-tasting food – with or without meat – is our priority.” And meat we had. I love the more “traditional” Italian restaurants complete with

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butternut squash soup (+)

What makes this soup even better?? Simple. White beans, chopped red pepper and creme fraiche. (I really wanted to add some crab too, but I’m going to hold out until I make my own soup!) Now this soup was mighty delish all on its own but I thought I could doctor it up a bit

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