Soda with no calories and no artificial sweeteners?

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There is something about soda and I will admit that I fall for its effervescent, cool refreshment that it brings. My drug of choice? The diet Pepsi. I don’t keep it at home, that would be far too tempting. It mainly happens during road trips in the car (and the lack of sparking water at gas stations?). But I digress….I grabbed a root beer from Whole Foods the last time I was there and was super excited to try it out.

Unfortunately I was not that big of a fan. To me, it had that somewhat odd flavor that can be common with stevia. The taster doesn’t mind it and uses stevia in his coffee but for now, for me, I’ll pass. Try it out yourself, they sell them by the can at Whole Foods. I will probably give it another try down the road, or maybe just a different flavor .

Question: Do you like stevia? Thoughts? Do you use it?

I love the idea of it and am glad it is finally showing up more but I’m not a frequent user quite yet.


apple bread pudding with brandy sauce

Another food from the South. Grits? Bread Pudding? What’s next, greens? This recipe and inspiration came from the cooking class I took in New Orleans. The great thing about bread pudding is that: a) you don’t have to follow directions exactly like baking but it will still turn out b) you can easily make it

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stir, stir, stir: mushroom & thyme risotto

I made risotto for the first time about a year ago. I decided it was a dish I wanted to master and after a few tries I think that I can make a pretty mean risotto. (That of course is my own opinion though ) I decided to go with a mushroom and thyme flavor

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typical day of eats

Since I don’t post everything I eat and it may at times seem like all I eat is cheese and pasta and drink red wine I thought I would show you a day of typical eating for me: Breakfast: I am a total egg person – it seems that they are the only thing that

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restaurant: oceanaire

I’m lucky enough to share lovely meals with special people from time to time. Obviously one of my favorite activities The tasters parents were in town for a visit last weekend and along with having some amazing meals we visited the capital, St. Peters Cathedral, made it to the Science Museum for the Titanic Exhibit,

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easy weeknight curry

I love curry. I love Thai curry, Indian curry and everything in between. Whenever we get Thai food (usually take-out from a few blocks away) I always get red curry vegetables and “add extra broccoli and cauliflower please!” Sometimes they listen to my request and sometimes….well, not so much Curry has been an easy weeknight

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skinny crisps

Myrna’s skinny crisps come in a variety of flavors but which do I go for? Chocolate obviously! I was drawn to these crackers because I seem to have a very keen eye at the Co-op for new products and the packaging was pretty cute. And I always notice packaging – can’t help it, it is

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