I had tried Simply Boulder Culinary Sauces at a recent food show and fell in love with the Coconut Peanut sauce. And through the magic of a tweet, Seth from Simply Boulder was able to track me down and was kind enough to send me some samples so that I could go on with life ;) Why am I attracted to these sauces? Because they are 1) delicious and 2) have real ingredients – olive oil, agave, etc.

I had some veggies that needed to be eaten and I knew just what they needed: Truly Teriyaki Sauce! This sauce was so light, but so full of flavor – perfect over steamed veggies.

I can’t wait to try out the other flavors! The sauces are in stores mainly in the West – but there is a store locator on the website and you can also order online.


shaved brussels sprouts with pancetta & parmesan

While I love most brussels – these may take the lead. I cannot wait to have this dish again, and the sooner the better in my book! I had been wanting to try my brussels shaved, I usually stick with roasting or sauteing but these were so good I may never go back! You know

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you know you are from wisconsin….

…when you see Beer, Bratwurst & Cheddar Soup….and you actually buy it.   …when you have brats for just a normal Tuesday night dinner. In November.   …when you ask the bartender if they REALLY know how to make an Old Fashioned.   …when the Packer game determines Thanksgiving plans.   …when the words “dairy-free”

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thankful for…

I have so many things in my life to be thankful for and it is one of my favorite parts of the Holiday season – it really makes me think about others – in a way that definitely needs to be done year-round. familyFRIENDSlivinginthecityTASTERgoodfoodWINEbabiesJOBblogworldAPPETIZERS Just to name a few But this Thanksgiving I have something

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lentil & garbanzo stew

In need of a quick, easy (not to mention inexpensive) crock-pot meal? Enter in a vegetarian meal that will leave your home smelling wonderful and is so simple to throw together. Now I made this on a Sunday so sauteing onions, garlic and jalapeno at 9AM was not too bad, but could easily be done

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review: caribou’s dark chocolate mint mocha

  “We’ve raised the bar. The chocolate bar that is.” Yes Caribou, you have. I had my 1st Mint Dark Chocolate Mocha of the season – I do these things for you, you know And there are times when chocolate must be consumed before 9 AM. I rarely get fun drinks like this but Mint

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roasted poblano & tomatillo guacamole

I actually made this dip for a Fiesta Party back in August and it never made its way to the blog but when I was recently heading to a Mexican-themed dinner I knew just what to bring! The recipe inspiration can be found here. It is a light and refreshing guacamole that is sure to

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