Who says you can’t drink on Sundays? Well, actually Minnesota does – no alcohol sales on Sundays. So it requires a little planning ahead if your favorite way to spend Sunday is sipping wine and cooking like me!

This cocktail was actually consumed on Friday for our annual Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner (Ugly sweaters required) along with a large amount of Holiday food :)

Pomegranate Champagne

1 part Pama Pomegranate Liqour

3 parts champagne or sparkling wine

Pomegranate arils


fleur de sal

in my cupboard: lindt fleur de sel

Apparently I prefer my chocolate with some salt. After searching every store possible, I finally found this chocolate with a touch of salt at Walgreens. Of all places! I love good quality chocolate because you can eat a small portion and be totally satisfied. That is certainly the case with this – one square is

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guest blog #2: the taster

Sliders.  Truffle fries.  That’s what was on the menu after a birthday gift of a special ‘slider’ pan.  Burgers are one of my favorite foods – scratch that…food is my favorite food, but I love burgers and fries – especially since I don’t really eat them that much anymore (thanks to a special nutritionist in

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stuffed portobellas

Stuffed mushrooms two ways. Why not have appetizers for dinner? I would have to say that the pancetta was my favorite, but obviously you can’t go wrong with crab either stuffed mushrooms with shallots, spinach & pancetta pancetta, roughly chopped 1/2 shallot, minced 2 cups spinach 1 Tbsp light sour cream 2 Tbsp parmesan cheese

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grilled cauliflower, sage & brown butter

  This is a dish that could be an amazing side or the center of the meal. It is that good and I think my Dad would easily agree. I prepared this for my parents when I was visiting last weekend – there is nothing better than delicious meals, wine and family in my opinion.

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roasted veggie salad

In my ever-lasting quest for lunches that are: easy, tasty, satisfying and totally healthy last week I decided on a Roasted Vegetable Salad with hummus. I just feel like I haven’t gotten the “packing lunch” thing down. I always spend way too much time and effort and then if something is just so-so I’m dissapointed in

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in my cupboard: siggi’s icelandic style skyr

Move over Greece, you have a new contender in the yogurt department. Siggi’s is an Icelandic style skyr (strained fat free yogurt) that has the protein (16 g) and thickness of Greek yogurt that I love. While this isn’t Organic -and I prefer my dairy Organic, unless it is in the form of aged gouda in which case, I really

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