After loving white beans in my Rustic Herb Dip and as an addition to Butternut Squash Soup I knew that garbanzo beans (my prior favorite) were in a bit of trouble.  I won’t give up on them quite yet but I do want to incorporate their white cousin into my cooking more often. They are creamy beyond belief and my new favorite of the bean family.


Adding them to sausage and tomatoes seemed like a no-brainer, not to mention a quick weeknight meal that would not only be satisfying but healthy. (think protein and fiber)


Saute 1 white onion, chopped in large skillet with 4 cloves garlic, minced. Add sliced sausage (I had 3) and cook until lightly browned. Add in can of diced tomatoes, can of white beans and some spinach (I used 1/2 bag of frozen) and let simmer away for 5-10 minutes. Oh, also add random squirts of sriracha if desired. And if you are like me, add more to your bowl so your mouth is burning. :) Grate some fresh parmesan cheese over top if you wish.



in my cupboard: dylan’s chia granola

Sweet with honey and crunchy with chia. I love that this granola is sweetened only with honey and includes a superfood like chia.  What is so great about this little seed? It is definitely a super-food in my opinion – it is full of antioxidants, omega-3′s, fiber, protein, iron, etc. It is as versitle as

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new york times salmon

  Wednesday is my favorite morning of the week. The Dining segment of the New York Times comes straight to my apartment and I know my morning commute will be spent reading the tales of restauranteurs, famous chefs and to-die-for meals. (Not while driving of course) The story that went along with this recipe was

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if i could only choose 3…

  If I could only choose 3 foods for the rest of my life…or maybe the night I would choose: greens, some gooooooood cheese and prosciutto. The bread would just be an added bonus   Are there some foods you can’t live without?   Also, I added a Recipe Tab to my site – check

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