These Rosemary & Thyme Savory Olive Oil Tortas are ┬álike a cross between foccacia and a cracker and may just be the best cracker-concoction I have ever had. Really. And after my two fails at making my own foccacia…I’m happy to buy these instead. They are imported from Seville, Spain and if this is any indication of what Spain tastes like, I can’t wait to go. (No, I don’t have plans yet, but will get there soon :) ) And when I do I may just tour their factory!

I found these at my co-op, but have also seen them at some of the more up-scale grocery stores. Try them, I promise you won’t be disappointed. They are perfect on their own or, as you may have guessed, with some cheese.


mushroom & parmesan pillows

I often long for the leek pies I had in Greece and always thought it was a simple leek mixture rolled up in phyllo sheets – well, apparently it is not and unless it is just me, phyllo doesn’t roll so well. ┬áSure, I probably could have brushed the whole sheet with butter…hmm, next time?

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