Parsnips. The less-vibrant (in color, not flavor) cousin of the carrot. Purchased from an incredibly adorable young girl at the Farmer’s Market. I think the taster and I both wanted to bring her home with us more so than the actual parsnips, although he probably won’t admit to that. ;)


Given their dull color, you may not believe that the parsnip has decent nutrition facts – it even has more vitamins and minerals than the carrot!

1 parsnip – 9” long

114 calories

6.4 g fiber

2.1 g protein


I really enjoyed the parsnips!  I decided to cut them up in fry shapes and roast until golden brown and I was amazed at how juicy they were, even after roasting! They were especially delicious dipped in a sriracha-spiked ketchup. I wasn’t convinced that I would like them, but I’ll be buying them more often, especially if that adorable girl keeps selling them.

Do you like parsnips? How do you eat them?


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