I guess I just needed to throw out a plea for lunch ideas, because I’ve not had any trouble coming up with lunch ideas since my Picky Lunch post!

This latest lunch was one that is inspired by an airport meal of all things! On my way to Haiti this past Fall I was fussing over the lack of decent airport food until I found this great little place with sandwiches, salads, cupcakes, etc. When I saw they had tofu, brown rice, spinach, eggs and veggies I thought I may have been dreaming! I can’t remember what it was called…they have Oprah’s favorite cupcake though?! Anyone?

It only took me a few months to recreate it at home. This will definitely be repeated soon, it was such a filling lunch! (Plus it reminds me of Haiti which is always a good thing:))

This lunch only requires the prep of a few components: tofu, eggs, greens and rice! Then if you are packing in Tupperware like me, place greens, tofu, brown rice (with peanut sauce drizzle) in one Tupperware (that you can heat up) and then the eggs and veggies in another.

Tofu: I kept my tofu* really simple: pressed and baked. Since I planned on topping everything with Peanut Sauce, I felt no need to flavor the tofu.

*Nasoya sent me some tofu to sample – I was actually very impressed, considering that I didn’t even season it at all. It was just the consistency that I was looking for!

Eggs: Simply hard-boiled

Greens: I used a HUGE bag of mixed greens from Trader Joe’s. It was already washed and chopped, so it made it super easy. I did have to saute it in 2 batches because they wouldn’t all fit in my pan! I like my greens, what can I say? :)

Brown Rice: Prepared as directed

Peanut Sauce: I used a pre-made Annie Chun’s Peanut Sauce, but you could easily make your own if you have the time. Drizzle over rice, tofu, greens – whatever you want!

Fresh Veggies: Your choice! I went with cucumbers, but as soon as tomatoes are back in season, they’ll be added to the mix.


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