new york bakery tour

Thank you so much for all of the well wishes and wise words of advice on my slowing down post. I’m feeling much better and really trying to focus on getting enough sleep.

I’m headed to New York City today for a Health & Nutrition Food Show, but we’ll be stopping by a famous Bakery or two…strictly for research of course. ;)

(I think I’m looking forward to babycakes the most! It’s gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar-free treats look amazing!)  Have any suggestions for can’t-miss-bakeries?

slowing down

While in the middle of my 4th sinus infection since November, (never had one prior to November) I decided that it’s time for a few life changes.

When the Doctor was asking about my lifestyle, it seems like I’m doing everything right. I exercise, although I could fit in more cardio;  I eat well, although I could make some improvements; I don’t take in TOO much caffeine, although I guess I can nix that occasional 2nd cup of coffee; I could typically use a little more sleep; and I could probably deal with my stress a little better. It’s not that I’m running around like a headless chicken (sometimes) or constantly stressed to the max, I just have a lot on my plate right now. Simply said, I need to slow down. :)

I’ve decided to head to a Naturopathic Doctor to get some more complete testing and really get to the bottom of the issue, but for now I’m going to make some changes to my diet and do what I can to make some more time for myself. Which means that I’ll most likely be posting 3-4 times per week from now on, unless I just have a ton that I have to share with you right away!  I definitely want to focus on quality over quantity.

This is also the perfect opportunity to say, Thank You So Much for Reading my Little Blog, I wouldn’t be here without you all!

in the news: foodily

Search for recipes from across the web at

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with a new website called foodily. This website will change the way you search for recipes and it is launching today!

Instead of searching multiple websites for that perfect recipe, you can search on foodily and compare recipes side by side. By entering the ingredients you want to use or have on hand and exclude the ingredients you aren’t a fan of, you are sure to find the recipe you are looking for! You can also see your friends favorite foods and share menus in Facebook!

So go, find your perfect recipe. (And be sure to check out my special Super Bowl menu!)

Find Foodily:

super bowl food

This Sunday marks something very important.

The Superbowl. Normally, this really wouldn’t be a big deal. Sure it’s fun to make football food, watch “good commercials” and questionable half-time performances but this year? The Packers are playing. While I’m more of a Brett fan than a Packer fan, that sweet guy I’m going to marry? Now, he is a Packer fan through and through.


No matter who you are cheering for though, good food is always essential to any party. Here are some of my favorite recipes to get you snacking for the Superbowl!


Sandwiches/Crock Pot:

What are you making for game day?