On our fourth day of yoga teacher training in a row, our teacher mentioned that we might be an emotional, slightly crazy wreck for the next few weeks. The training is intense, there is a ton to learn, remember, work on and practice/observe yoga classes on top of that.

I thought it was kind of funny when he mentioned that because at that point in time, I was still feeling pretty good. Then day 6 came and I was downright exhausted. The training had been intense, but I had also been pretty busy. There were definitely times when I wondered why I did this to myself.

As the weeks went by, I felt my confidence growing, my musical ability improving and my love for yoga deepening.

Now, it’s three weeks later and tonight is our last class. I can’t believe how fast it went and how much I’ve already learned – and how much I have yet to learn. I’ve started seeing yoga in an entirely different way and am so very grateful for the opporutunity to participate in the training – now onto adapting it for the kids at camp!

Next up? Another training sometime soon I hope – once I finish photography and photoshop. ;)


trader joe's potstickers

in my cupboard: trader joe’s potstickers

Normal people probably think about fun weekend plans, exciting meals out, cocktails or just relaxing at home on Friday afternoons. Apparently I’m not normal and I think about potstickers. Any variety. All I know is that I needed them that night. My life would simply not be complete without them. (This is why I spend so

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Mary Marathon

ask the nutritionist: marathon nutrition I

You’ve probably noticed by now that it is officially race season. If you haven’t…get outside! That’s not to say that I’m running in a race, but I happen to know a few who are. So when Mary from Fit This Girl asked for a bit of nutrition advice regarding her upcoming marathon in May, I

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siggi's probiotic singles

review: siggi’s probiotic singles

I don’t know exactly what it was that prompted me to buy this. I take a probiotic every single morning, but I felt the desire to try these since I love Siggi’s yogurt. (This desire inside of me also makes shopping on a budget impossible for the record.) So I bought them (again, no budget)

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baked potato bar

baked potato bar

One of my favorite camp meals is a baked potato bar. I’m typically not a huge potato fan – exception of truffle fries – but every once in a while nothing sounds better than a baked potato bar. The Taster was telling me about his massive baked potato bar at work and I knew I

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bona vietnamese minneapolis

restaurant: bona vietnamese

I was long overdue for a pho trip. Close to withdrawals actually. So when I spent a weekend on campus for yoga sculpt training, there just happened to be a Vietnamese restaurant right down the street that I had heard had delicious pho. Fate, right? So the Taster and I headed to a local watering

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daily eats: 4.1.11

After a quick twitter poll (love Twitter.) I decided that I would do some “daily eats” posts from time to time. I’ve done them a few times, but I think it will give a better and closer look on how I actually eat, day to day, boring food and all. It’s not all exciting eats

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