Getting a juicer was beyond exciting for me as I love love LOVE fresh juice, but at $7/juice – it can be a rather expensive habit.

For the most part I love it, but am still learning the ins and outs, what we like in juice (the Taster does NOT like wheat grass powder mixed in) and how different fruits/veggies can change a juice.


  • fresh green juices with whatever ingredients I want!
  • not spending $7 for a single juice at the coop
  • so easy and fast
  • you can use produce that is a little past its prime (an apple that I may hesitate to eat, I have no problem with juicing!)
  • when heading out of town I throw in all of the leftover produce – no wasting and love starting a trip or vacation with healthy juice
  • starting my day out with a burst of vitamins and nutrients


Learning to Love:

  • cleaning up – it isn’t terrible, but our kitchen is somewhat covered in juice pulp (exaggeration)
  • the pulp! I need to figure out a way to use it – throwing it away makes me feel like an awful human being


Favorite Juicing Ingredients So Far:

  • romaine
  • apples
  • cucumber
  • lemon

    Do you like fresh juice?  Do you have any great juice combos?

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