daily eats: 6.22.11 {camp version}

Camp life is very different from my regular, 9-5 life. It’s exhausting, always different, always exciting and totally fulfilling. I’m glad it only lasts 4 weeks though, it’s a little intense but I love every minute. Did I mention that I’m already in love with all of the kids?!


6:30 am Coffee: Internet and paperwork at Dunkin Donuts. (Addicted to Hazelnut Coffee + Cream)

9:00 am Breakfast: The kids were having waffles this morning (this is our example plate) but I opted for something a little more satisfying and light as I was teaching yoga sculpt classes soon after.

I stuck with a hard boiled egg + fresh fruit.

9:45 – 12:00 Yoga Sculpt/Warrior Yoga – 3 classes – so much fun. Most of the kids really enjoyed it, the boys were especially fun to teach, which was a little surprising!

1:30 pm Lunch: Grilled cheese + tomato soup are a lunch favorite at camp – I had a big salad instead of the soup, alongside a grilled cheese and a few cheese cubes.

Check out that gorgeous salad! Mixed greens + cucumbers + tomatoes + roasted artichokes + pepper salad and a basil- lemon dressing. I might miss camp food this year…

3:30 pm Snack: First Tasting Trio of the season! Pita chips + white bean & basil hummus, greek yogurt tzatziki and roasted red pepper feta dip. The favorite? Roasted red pepper feta dip.

The Tasting Trio’s are one of my  favorite parts of camp and something I developed. It is all about having them try new foods and most of the time they are pleasantly surprised.

6:30 pm Dinner: barilla pasta penne plus + marinara + cheese cubes + salad bar

Rarely do I have plain pasta and marinara, but this tasted great and our chef cooked our whole grain pasta perfectly! Pasta Plus was a great way to introduce the kids to a “whole grain” pasta – I didn’t hear one complaint and one serving contains 10 g of protein and 4 g of fiber. (The breadstick was average, so I ate half and had some extra pasta.)

8:30 pm Snack: Birthday Cake for a Birthday Celebration!

10:00 pm: Crash.


easy, no-prep, healthy lunches


There are many times in life, when spending an hour or two preparing lunches to take to work or school throughout the week is just not feasible. You know the times. :) While you may think the only option is to pick up lunch at a restaurant there are some options that require little or no prep time, can be very well balanced and save you money all at the same time.

Here are some of my favorites – most of them require a quick trip to the grocery store and will provide a few lunches!

  • Mezze Platter: whole grain pita + hummus + baba ganoush + baby carrots & pepper slices
  • Avocado Sandwich: whole grain bread + wholly guacamole packet + tomato slices + lettuce or sprouts
  • AB & J: sprouted bread + almond butter + jam or preserves (grown-up PB & J!)
  • Cottage Cheese: cottage cheese + garbanzo beans + favorite seasoning + baby carrots on the side
  • Cheese & Crackers: triscuits (or other 100% whole grain cracker) + 1 oz sliced cheese + 2 oz deli turkey + grape tomatoes
  • Yogurt Parfait: plain greek yogurt + fresh or frozen berries + 1 serving high fiber cereal like Uncle Sam’s Original
  • Snack Plate: hard boiled egg + carrots & celery sticks + whole grain crackers + 1 oz cheese cubes + apple


What are your quick and easy lunches that you rely on during busy times?

review: organic bistro thai curry beef bowl

I’ve been a big fan of Helen’s Kitchen frozen tofu and meals when I find myself in a bind for lunch or don’t have the time to make and pack a lunch. Although beef is very rare for a lunch meal for me, I decided to try the Thai Style Red Curry with Beef Bowl because it looked and sounded amazing. (Curry always sounds amazing to me)

I should have brought something to round out the meal – preferably some sort of fresh vegetables – because it definitely wasn’t enough for lunch and I was scrounging for snacks that afternoon. The flavors were great and I definitely want to try some of the other varieities of the new “bowl” line!


  • protein content (18 grams) and nutrition stats in general
  • real ingredients
  • that brown rice was used
  • that it is gluten and dairy free
  • that there wasn’t a lot of meat, at first I was a little disappointed and then realized this was a good way to eat meat if I was going to have it for lunch – as more of a flavor enhancer than main component of meal



  • there was more curry sauce!
  • it used different veggies – unfortunately the carrots and sweet potato seemed a bit mushy
  • there were more veggies :)

these kids…

are the reason I work a lot.

are the reason I choose to be surrounded by teenagers.

are the ones who inspire me to live a healthy life by example.

are the reason I run a website, two blogs, two facebook pages (like us?) and two twitter accounts.

are the reason I use my vacation days to travel to Wisconsin.

are the only time I’ll ask for money. (change a childs life)

make me feel like I’m making a small difference for the better.