Please tell me that summer isn’t over!

If it must come to an end, I can’t think of a better way to enjoy the long weekend than celebrating with friends; sitting by the pool and sipping cocktails. Oh and of course, eating amazing foods.


Labor Day Weekend Eats

Snacks & Starters: 




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daily eats: 8.29.11

Monday started like most – with a yoga class. But then the similarities ended. It was a long day of traveling. I had my last work trip and so I’m currently down south in the land of shrimp and grits. For the record, I’m only allowing myself one meal of grits – do you know

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baba ganoush

baba ghanoush

I’ve really been on a roll with the summer veggies, huh? (Tomatoes, leeks and now eggplant!) I’m a little weird about eggplant. Sometimes I like it and other times, well, when its kind of soggy, I’m just not a fan. I love it in the form of punjab eggplant  (an Indian dish), I still dream

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cheesy leek french bread

cheesy leek french bread

Sometimes I find myself in a tough predicament. Which JCrew shirt should I order? (All five is ok, right?) What am I going to wear on my feet on the day of my wedding? (I’m having second thoughts on the shoes I have. Eek!) And then especially fun predicaments like, what am I going to

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business cards - a nutritionist eats

business cards {giveaway}

Everyone should have business cards. No matter what you do, what you sell, what you promote – you should have them! When I got my first batch of business cards for work, I thought I was really cool and a real grown-up.  :) U Printing contacted me about doing a review of  Uprinting print business cards and

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tomatoes stuffed with basil goat cheese

tomatoes stuffed with basil infused goat cheese

Thank you all for the sweet, sweet comments, tweets and emails on the big move. It was so hard to keep this “secret” for so long and it felt so good to finally tell you all!  Now onto summers bounty… Tomato season is here! No more tasteless, mushy, awful tomatoes from the grocery store. In fact,

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moving to la


The Taster and I are getting married next month. (The count is below 30 days!) Then, we are moving. While we absolutely love Minneapolis…it is time for a change. So after the wedding we are packing up and heading to Los Angeles, California. We are excited, thrilled and beyond ready but there are many other

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