the reading list {10.19.11}

I think that in this day and age, most people start their day off with a little online reading, am I right?

I know I do. I get into my morning routine, preferably with coffee, and check emails, send out a tweet and read a few articles before I can really start the day.

Here are some of my favorites this week:

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eco meets the economy – via new york times

6 easy raw food recipes to try – via shape magazine

best new airport restaurants – via food & wine

roasted pumpkin seeds recipe – via whole foods

the best bargains you’ve never heard of – via real simple

healthy cocktail makeovers – via hungry girl

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dance and martial arts inspired workout – via fitness magazine

starbucks introduces new blonde roast – via starbucks

nancy silverton talks salad – via la times

5 inspirational yoga quotes – via yoga journal

in his shoes – manolo blahnik shoes regain it status in fashion world – via new york times

Enjoy and please link your favorites!

five servings a day

Last week on our crazy apartment hunting spree we stopped for coffee. (I think we’ve found a place by the way!!!) The line was so long after I placed my order that I decided to roam around the deli section of the grocery store. I came across this:

Even though I’m more of a eight to ten-a-day kind of girl, I like the idea of getting five servings of fruits and vegetables in during one meal. I also loved that they included some healthy fats and a bit of protein with the hummus, nut butter and seeds.

I decided that I needed to make my own version.

Eight A Day: 

  • carrots (1 cup)
  • peppers (1.5 cup)
  • cucumbers (1.5 cup)
  • apple slices (1 medium apple)
  • hummus (4 Tbsp)
  • almond butter (2 Tbsp)
Calories: 449
Protein: 13.5
Fiber: 14.4
Servings of Fruit & Veggies: about 8
PS. I can’t believe that most Americans don’t even get 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day!

review: somersault snacks

I’ve always resisted buying the somersault snacks that I’ve seen in various coffee shops.

I have no idea why. I’ve picked them up, read the ingredients and always kind of thought they wouldn’t be very good.

Thankfully for my sake, the lollihop package that I received last month had a bag of the sea salt somersault snacks and when I got around to trying them, I was so excited!

They were soooooo good. Crunchy, full of seeds, salty and cute! (Cute food is so much more fun to eat, right?)


  • simple ingredient list
  • sunflower seeds are the first ingredient
  • nutrition stats: 150 cal, 8 g fat, 3 g fiber, 6 g protein (per serving)
  • delicious! they reminded me of those sesame sticks that are amazing but not very healthy…
  • the chicory root fiber was left out – I’m not really a fan of it
Have you tried them? I’m a little scared of the Santa Fe Salsa and Dutch Cocoa varieties, but I think I’d love the Salty Pepper.

daily eats: 10.12.11

I can’t believe it is already mid October! It was a hot, hot day in LA today. Abnormally hot although we still saw people with sweatshirts, coats, etc. I wonder if we will ever wear a sweatshirt when it is 90 degrees out…

Apartment searching is our main focus at this point, but after two straight days, we took the morning off.

The day started out with a walk – we walked around the neighborhood for about 40 minutes, including a stop for coffee.

Then it was time to work for a few hours – I munched on a bag of cashews, almonds and dried cranberries.

I wanted something light as I planned on going to yoga in a few short hours. Planned being the keyword, we left too late and didn’t make it in time. Tomorrow, it is. Since we were already in Santa Monica, we decided to explore a bit and take a walk on the beach. First though, we came across a Whole Foods Market.

One of the only things that could make me feel better about missing yoga (I needed yoga, even the Taster agreed) is a tour of a new Whole Foods and an early lunch. The salad bar was pretty phenomenal and I loaded my box with all lettuces (romaine, spring mix, spinach and kale) then topped with cabbage crunch, lemon tofu, broccoli rabb, roasted cauliflower and hummus. Perfect and the salad bar was $2 off per pound today so it was actually pretty reasonable!

Then we hit the beach for a quick walk, which was just what we needed. I must admit that the apartment hunting has been a little more stressful than I thought it would be. It seems like each place we go is missing one of the aspects we are looking for. :(

Then it was back to the apartment search and we looked at about 5 different places. Nothing great, but we have narrowed it down to two definite neighborhoods, which will hopefully make the process move a little quicker now.

A few hours after lunch, I was of course hungry, so I munched on an apple,

and then some triscuits.

After we returned to my cousins, it was time for pizza, salad and wine. (x2 on the food) Really good pizza – NYC style!

More work and I’m off to bed!

Cross your fingers that we find an apartment today!!