I’m SO glad my wedding pictures showed up in my mailbox yesterday. I was planning on sharing a cocktail recipe with you today but I’m still tweaking it. I swear I didn’t change my posts around because I was so excited to share pictures with you…I swear! ;)

Our photographer, Brandon M Sweet, uses real film so our pictures took a little longer than most. It was definitely worth the wait! And I loved looking at the pictures (numerous times) with my husband last night.

I don’t want to bore you with tons of wedding pictures so I picked my favorites – let me know if you are interested in seeing more and I can post some more soon!

make-up: Blushing By Anna

flowers: Christina Marie Events


flower girls


walking down the stairs with brother (I was terrified to walk down the stairs!!!)



husband + wife




daily eats 11.16.11 {vegan}

Last week, I followed a paleo diet for a day, and today I’m going Vegan! I was honestly a little nervous about it considering I’ve been loosely following the paleo plan since last week. I thought I would be hungry all the time (carbs make me hungry!). But realized many of my normal meals happen

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california update

Hey Everyone! Life is almost back to normal! (Not sure what normal is but…) We choose a neighborhood (West Hollywood), found a place, and unpacked. Our internet comes tomorrow. (Waiting for the internet has been SO rough, wow!) We both have jobs. More to come on what I’m doing soon! It’s still sunny and warm

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rainbow chopped salad

rainbow chopped salad

In the short three weeks that Crooked Pint Ale House was open and we were still in Minneapolis, I managed to order the Rainbow Chopped Salad three times. It was clearly super tasty and good enough to resist ordering their delicious burgers! That should say a lot for a salad. And for me. So I

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restaurant: fresheast

I need to start this post by saying that I’m absolutely in love with the food here in LA. I know, we’ve only been here a month. I haven’t even spent a week at our new place, and yet, so quickly I’ve fallen in love with hills, the endless streets with amazing restaurants, and sun

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daily eats: 11.9.11 {paleo-style}

My background in Nutrition always makes me very interested in all of the latest diets/food trends/etc ¬†and I keep hearing about the paleo diet. A friend of mine kind of follows the diet, I’ve listened to a few pod casts and done a little researching on the internet. In my most basic definition, here is

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review: earth balance coconut spread

At a food show a few months ago, I tried- and loved -¬†Earth Balance’s new Coconut Spread. It is now in stores, have you seen it? I really enjoy coconut oil as a toast topping but this Coconut Spread is a great way to introduce coconut oil into your diet if you’ve been a little

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