• Emily says

      I guess I don’t think they have a bad rep, but maybe aren’t marketed as much as other nuts like almonds?

    • Emily says

      From what I can tell (never tried PB2) it looks like it is peanut flour, which I have had and I think is great. For me personally, I would use the flour in smoothies or baking, but the fat is what makes it so satisfying for me so it wouldn’t completely replace my peanut butter!

      • says

        I have tried PB2 and really enjoy it in oatmeal and smoothies, but that’s a great point about PB2 not containing the healthy fats that peanut butter does. Thanks for your input!

  1. karenk says

    …..but, technically, they aren’t even a nut. They are a legume, a tasty legume. They do have all those healthy characteristics, but some folks have difficulty digesting them, feel the bloat, and avoid them in the bowl of mixed nuts.

    • Emily says

      You are totally right, technically they are a legume, I probably should have put a disclaimer about that! And if you can’t digest them, you should definitely not eat them!

  2. Chantal says

    I think as well that one of the reasons almonds and cashews and other nuts are better marketed is because many people are allergic to peanuts. (even though they are a legume and not a nut!) There isnt “peanut” milk available either!

  3. says

    Great peanut facts Emily! I think they’re a great source for good fats – easy to carry around with you too as a healthy snack anywhere you go.

    Only thing is you need to be careful of the calories adding up too quick, as they’re calorie dense & taste so good. You can easily unknowingly consume hundreds of calories in one sitting :)

  4. says

    In grad school my roommate was funded by the USDA peanut lab, so I learned a lot about peanuts in listening to her talk about her research. Thankfully we have no peanut allergies here, so we can consume a lot of peanut butter. I have read that peanuts are one of the most pesticide treated plants, so I’m pretty diligent about buying organic peanut butter. We have a jar in the fridge and in the pantry for backup at all times. :)

    • Emily says

      Really? I wonder why it isn’t listed on the “dirty dozen” lists, maybe because most of us don’t eat the shell? I did not know that fact, but will have to look into it. If you remember the source, please send it to me!

  5. says

    Great review of the facts Emily! I am back on my peanut butter kick and have been feeling good about enjoying it as a part of my breakfast!

    • Emily says

      I didn’t know that either, and I think it is pretty amazing! All the more reason to eat nuts with breakfast.

  6. Alyssa says

    I like all of these things, but I hate peanuts!!! What’s the next best thing? Helpful article though

      • Alyssa says

        Almonds are better, but if I had the choice, it’d be pistachios every time. I like cashews pretty well. I always thought pistachios were too salty?

  7. says

    Peanuts and peanut butter have some more pretty amazing health benefits.
    In the UK a review by the British Journal of Nutrition stated that “eating peanut butter may lower bad LDL cholesterol while maintaining good HDL cholesterol”
    Its also contains niacin which has been linked to guarding against the onset of Alzheimer’s say researchers from Rush University Medical Center.
    Pretty all round good health food I say.

  8. says

    As many others have noted, peanuts are a legume. But good thing about this, on the environmental front, is that peanut plants add nitrogen to the soil, and reduce the need for nitrogen-based fertilizers!

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