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  • Standard Beans: Lentils, Garbanzo, Kidney, Great Northern, Black Beans
  • Try these: Adzuki, Black-Eyed Peas, Pinto Beans, Edamame


  • Full of protein and fiber
  • Contain B vitamins, iron and other vitamins and minerals
  • They are cheap!
  • Canned beans can be high in sodium, so rinse them before using


How do beans play a role in your diet? 


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    yum! I absolutely love beans, especially black beans, especially if they are pureed into refried type beans. I make them veggie style, pureed with no bacon, just a little olive oil, ground black pepper, and sea salt. I spread it on a corn tortilla and top with a little cotija cheese for a quick power snack!

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    I eat beans all the time- mostly because I’m often too cheap to spring for pricier forms of protein. :) I love making bean burgers. I’ve also found that pretty much any kind of bean is awesome roasted (chickpeas kind of made this method popular, but it works with other kinds, too!).

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    I have been adding more and more beans, but I find that lentils are easier for me to use. I am actually posting a red lentil soup recipe tomorrow that is absolutely delicious. I also made a 3 bean veggie chili that is so filling and tasty! You don’t even miss the meat!

    Beyond chili, I am a bit lost. Do you typically by canned or make your own? Can I make them in the crockpot? I stick with the low sodium canned can because of time but need to get better about making and freezing batches.

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    I think I eat beans just about every day!! I’m eating chickpeas with some veggies right now!!! I also love hummus as a snack or refried beans and eggs in a tortilla for bfast.

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    I like to make a lot of Mexican-style dishes – enchiladas, casseroles, tacos…they are incredibly easy and beans are a great base! I even love doing black bean quesadillas…nice and easy and don’t have to worry about cooking the meat too!

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