an early christmas

Growing up, we never were home for Christmas. We spent it in Milwaukee or Minnesota and often had our own little family celebration a week or two before the real Christmas. Even though it wasn’t on the actual day, I loved our tradition of having our own little Christmas, every single year. We always read The Polar Express, ate an amazing breakfast and had cookies with fresh orange and grapefruit segments for dessert before opening presents. Or we would have an amazing dinner and open presents by the lights of the tree.

This is also a tradition that the Taster and I have started. So this past weekend we celebrated Christmas a little early. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ll be married in less than 9 months (eek!) or if I’m just growing up, but I’ve been really wanting to decorate and get into the spirit more this year. The decorations are a little sparse this year, but I can assure you that next year, I’ll have a house (or apt) that looks like it belongs to Martha…or something like that.  My favorite is a nativity scene I picked up in Haiti. It reminds of my trips to Haiti every time I see it.

We also pretend we have a tree and put the presents under our Palm. It works. :)

It wouldn’t be a Christmas celebration without a good meal – for our little celebration we went the non-traditional route with an Asian-Southern fusion dinner. Delicious. I’ve heard my Mom is making scallop chowder and beef tenderloin this year…am I home yet?

Don’t forget Santa! Did you hear he’s a vegan now? He loved Mama Peas Snickerdoodle Dough Balls, but not as much as me so I only gave up a few! ;)

But the best part about Christmas is spending a relaxing morning or evening with the ones you love, and it never matters where that happens. (Taster and I with our ugly sweaters and cheesy engagement pose – hehe)


  1. says

    ADORE that little nativity set! So great.

    We were a big fan of cheesy unflattering “engagement pics”, too :) I think I only shared one goofy one on my page…but there are a whole slew on my hard drive ;)

  2. says

    I LOVE that last pic. My friends and I always used to do awkward senior pictures poses lol. I also love the new pic on the sidebar with the hat-cute! When I try to wear those hats, I look like a homeless person.

    Annnnnd, you won my Chobani giveaway–congrats :) Please email me your shipping address so Chobani can you send you your pack of yogurt.

  3. Tori says

    AW! What a lovely couple!! You sure know how to celebrate! missed you both last week! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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