crock pot asian beef

Sundays are the perfect day for crockpot meals in our house. A lot of people find them really handy during the week, but between work and the commute, we are usually gone 10-11 hours during the day which is a pretty long cooking time for anything. Plus I really like being around for all of the good smells that go on through out the day! :)

This recipe is extra flavorful and requires minimal prep time. Cook up some brown rice and snow peas for the perfect accompaniment and you’ve got a healthy, delicious dinner, anytime of the week.

Asian Beef  - 4 servings

Add onion, garlic and beef to crock pot. Pour bbq sauce, go-chu-jang sauce and ginger over beef mixture.

Stir to coat.

Cook on low for 6 hours.

Serve with brown rice, snow peas and garnish with green onion.

* Annie Chun’s sauces were sent to me as part of the asian dinner party sample pack


  1. says

    Yum, Yum, Yum,!!! Looks so good!

    I’m with you, I like to use the crockpot on Sundays. Something about throwing all the food into the pot and letting it cook. Enjoying the smell of your meal cooking while getting Sunday chores done around the house. The perfect way to cook on a Sunday!

  2. says

    Back when I worked I used to run the crockpot through the night. I too worked more than 8 hour days, so all those ‘cook while you’re at work’ recipes would have burned by the time I got home. I would put stuff in at 10pm and take it out at 6am. It was a bit odd to wake up to the smell of dinner cooking. :)

  3. says

    I like to be home when my crockpot is doing its job, too. The whole apartment smells so good! This sounds like a great crockpot meal…. I bet your house smelled great!

  4. says

    i don’t use my crock pot during the week for the same reason. plus, it really makes me nervous to leave it on for 9+ hours when i won’t be around at all.

    the beef dish looks delicious! i love asian flavors. :)


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