ask the nutritionist: favorite protein sources

Don’t worry, I’m not going to give you a science lesson on protein. I like the food aspect so much more than the scientific one. :)

Protein. We all need it. Some of us get too much. Some of us don’t get enough.

Sometimes it is easy to get enough. Other times its not.

I am definitely what I would consider a “protein person.” I need a decent amount of protein (and fat) at each meal or I get hungry. And then I get really crabby. Ask the Taster, he’ll tell you it isn’t pretty.

Here are some of my favorite – EASY – ways to get in protein!

Favorite, Easy Proteins: 

  • peanut butter or other nut butters
  • cheese sticks
  • greek yogurt
  • tofu
  • hard boiled eggs
  • edamame
  • protein bars like thinkThin
  • sprouted bread
  • cottage cheese
  • tuna
  • beans like lentils
  • protein shake/smoothie 
  • oatmeal
What are your favorite ways to eat protein? 


  1. says

    I need to show this list to my boyfriend. He thinks that the only way to get protein is to eat tons of meat, eggs, and protein bars. I will highlight beans and edaname to him:) My favorite protein sources are greek yogurt and peanut butter.

  2. says

    Just found your blog and am loving it! Really like this post. I’m not a huge meat eat so love seeing a list of vegetarian protein sources. My recent favorite is an egg white patty, yogurt and peanut butter. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  3. Erica says

    I read a blog where the blogger really likes making treats with protein powder. I always wonder, is that stuff (protein powder) a) healthy and b) as good as eating real, protein-rich foods? My friend’s personal trainer advocated not using powders unless absolutely necessary… But then why would you use them at all?

    • Emily says

      I think powders are ok (depending on the brand, kind, etc.) if you need a little boost, I just personally don’t care for them much. I’ve also found that it doesn’t fill me up like greek yogurt or peanut butter does so I’d rather have something else.

  4. says

    Great (vegetarian) ideas to get protein in! I’ve been working on cutting out meat and finding protein rich foods (that I like) has been hard for me, but I’m working on it!

  5. says

    Hi! I recently started following your blog … and I love it! This is a great post. I am studying to be a vegan / natural food chef and I recently learned that quinoa and some of the other grains are great sources of protein as well! Quinoa is now my fav protein!

  6. says

    I was seriously wondering if we were going to get a detailed explanation of protein at first- haha! (don’t worry, I still would’ve read it ;) ) One of my favorite protein-heavy snacks is roasted chickpeas. I like them better than popcorn and they’re so filling.

    • Emily says

      I like Tera’s Whey a lot and I know there are other ones but I don’t have them in front of me, so I’m not sure!

      • says

        Oh! I was going to ask you about that one. I met one of the girls who started the company at the TREK Women’s Tri in Kenosha. I was a big fan of her product. And she was so nice and genuince. It is a little pricey at WF and I really only use it when I am increasing my intensity (ie marathon training). I will have to look into getting some more.

  7. Dee says

    LOVE your blog! Recently, I have been focusing on protein and sugar intake. Before it got cold, I made a protein smootie every morning. Now I will make oatmeal instead, with almond butter stirred in (I’m allergic to peanuts). Otherwise, I love chicken, string cheese, greek yogurt and cottage cheese. I will only use protein powder after a hard work out or for a quick meal replacement! Thanks for putting so much time into your blog!

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