ask the nutritionist: staying healthy while on the road

As you know, I spent almost the last week on the road, and prior to that, a week moving, and now, still not quite moved into our own place. Can I just tell you how much I’m dying to cook in my own kitchen again? It feels like it has been forever!

Staying healthy on the road, or while traveling isn’t always easy, and it certainly isn’t always perfect, but it’s worth it!

There are times when you get up too early to workout (hello 4:30 am!). There are times when the only options are fast food. There are times when you are stuck in a small town and dinner options are limited to chinese or pizza. But there are also times when you can fit in a great workout. There are times when you can eat a delicious, healthy meal. And there are times when being healthy just comes naturally.

Here are my favorite tips for healthy living while traveling (some of which I just learned on this last trip!)

  • Pack healthy snacks to munch on! We brought kale chips (a ridiculous four bags), apples, peanut butter, nuts, dark chocolate, roasted seaweed and more!
  • Bring a water bottle and re-fill it where you can. This saves money and the environment! (Hint: hotel fitness centers usually have a good water source)
  • Ask the restaurants what their veggie is (they don’t always advertise it) and get a side of it with your meal if it doesn’t come with one. I had a buffalo burger while we were in South Dakota – I didn’t eat the bun, I ordered coleslaw with it and then got a side of the veggie. It was a great meal.
  • Oatmeal and peanut butter (or greek yogurt) is a great way to start out the day and can be eaten on the road. I packed oatmeal + flax in plastic baggies then got hot water and a cup from gas stations.
  • If you do stop for fast food – split a meal!
  • Bring your favorite tea bags – I was so glad I had my favorite tea for the trip – again, hot water is typically free.
  • Probiotics – I always take them, but traveling can mess with your system even more than normal, so taking probiotics was/is a must!
  • Workout – figure out how it will work best for you. There were times on our trip that using the fitness center was best and there were times, when a hike was exercise for the day. The Nike Training app also came in really handy and was a great switch up from the usual cardio and weights.
  • Know that eating while traveling probably won’t be the same as eating at home and that’s ok. I have probably never eaten more fried potatoes in my life (fries, tater tots, etc.) but I know that isn’t the norm and it makes me so much more excited for meals at home – full of veggies!
What are your favorite tips for staying healthy while traveling or on the road? 


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    I feel like I’ve been eating out more than normal recently and I admit that sometimes it gives me anxiety. I like to feel healthy and eating out just makes me feel bloated! I love all your tips though! Whenever I travel I find ways to squeeze in exercise and I always pack something for breakfast and snacks! Hope you get all moved soon!

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    Since I travel for work quite a bit I always bring snacks, a water bottle, I have a Men’s Health workout app on my phone and I just try to stay active. Food can be a challenge but I try to up the amount of veggies.

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    I like the oatmeal tip- good call! One thing I always do is bring a reusable water bottle and buy a gallon sized jug at a gas station on the first stop. They’re usually about $1.99 so it’s a lot cheaper than relying on buying bottles of water along the way!

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    I always have tea bags in my purse, whether I’m on the road or not. It’s wonderful to have your favorite tea whenever you want it.

    I travel much like you – bring healthy snacks, but also allow for some fast food. If I traveled weekly it would be a different story, but for the in-frequent traveling I do, I don’t fret too much. There is usually a dairy queen blizzard involved too. :)

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    what a great idea to get hot water from gas stations! i never thought of that! protein bars were my best friend on my last roadtrip, as well as nice cans of V8. easy way for my fruit not to go bad, and to not be eating raisins/ dried fruit all the time.

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    I think half the fun of traveling is experimenting with what you have ( and don’t have) to try to eat the healthiest and most balanced you can! Whether this is with local foods, pantry items you bring with you, anything you have access to really! These are great tips :) Your on the road stash sounds like my dorm stash!

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