black pepper & parmesan pasta

As I prepare for my upcoming trip to Haiti, I am constantly reminded of how rich my life is.

I’ve got a warm surrounding of family, friends, a fiance and of course my “Internet friends.” :) I’ve got more than enough food and even though I rarely, ok never, feel like I’m swimming in money, I certainly have enough money to live a rich life. I can visit fancy food stores, try new restaurants and buy new clothes. I consider these things part of my rich life.

But lately, every time I turn to purchase something, I’m reminded of those who don’t have what I have. And while my feelings should be grateful, they are often full of guilt. It is hard to balance life here and my trips there. Hard to feel ok about spending one week there andĀ returning home to my cozy life here.

It is feelings like these, that make me crave the simple meals and foods like the ones I had in Haiti. No truffle oil, no smoked pork chops – just some noodles, a little bit of Parmesan and a lot of pepper.

Black Pepper & Parmesan Pasta - 1 serving

  • 1 serving whole grain pasta
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • salt & pepper
  • fresh Parmesan

Prepare pasta as directed.

Drizzle olive oil over pasta and season with salt & pepper, topping with fresh Parmesan.


  1. says

    when/where are you going in Haiti? I went to Port-au-Prince in 2008 during the rioting (accidentally . . . it didn’t start until we were already there) and I may have an opportunity to go back in January! What type of group do you go with?

  2. says

    Love a simple pasta like this. How exciting to go to Haiti. My husband’s company is doing a lot of work re-opening and school there and working with the coffee co-ops. I keep telling him that if they need volunteers, I’m there!

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