california update

Hey Everyone!

Life is almost back to normal! (Not sure what normal is but…)

We choose a neighborhood (West Hollywood), found a place, and unpacked.

Our internet comes tomorrow. (Waiting for the internet has been SO rough, wow!)

We both have jobs. More to come on what I’m doing soon!

It’s still sunny and warm in California.

And we’ve been eatingĀ lots of good food.

So thanks for sticking with me during this crazy/random posts/lack of posts time! That normal life of mine will be back soon. ;)


  1. says

    Glad to have you “almost” back! I was without Internet for a while when I moved into my new apartment. It’s frustrating, but also a nice break at the same time. ;) Cannot wait to hear what is going on with you and your new life out there. Happy Tuesday!

  2. says

    Glad you guys are settling in at your new home.

    I live in Orange County, about 45 mins south of you. Hopefully I’ll get to meet you at one of our blogger meet-ups in the future.

    Since you hiked the canyon already…you should try Griffith Park next. It’s fun

    • Emily says

      Definitely!! I’ve been to Griffith Park in the past, I need to schedule a hike there soon, haven’t been there since we moved here!

  3. says

    With the exception of packing and especially unpacking, I think it can be very refreshing to move into a new home, in a new neighborhood. It’s all about newness, and making new memories with your loved ones.
    Have fun, and all the best with your new home, and home environment :)

    By the way, love Hollywood!

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