can’t live without (ii)

Brian Williams. I can’t miss the 6:30pm nightly news. Or Brian.  (source)

Lunch Crunch Workouts. Our newest workout fave – it is super intense and leaves me feeling amazing!

Ginger Chews. I have a new obsession. Such a perfect after-meal treat.

Family. Enough said. Love ‘em and can’t wait to see them again soon!


Yoga. Despite the recent negative NYT article, yoga has changed my life and I literally can’t live without it. (picture source)

Huge Salads. The perfect lunch – healthy and satisfying!

Skype Dates with Friends. It makes being away from them so much easier!

Address Stamp. I ordered it from etsy and love it!

Happy Hours. Why is it so much more fun than going out later?!

Los Angeles. We <3 our new city!! (picture source)

What’s the one thing you can’t live without right now? 



    • Emily says

      Well, I think it is silly to say that yoga can wreck your body – like ANYTHING in life – it is possible to over-do it and cause injury. I think NOT doing anything is going to set you up for a lot more detrimental health issues down the line. In the classes that I’ve taken, the instructors have never pushed you to go further than you can, and I guess I always take a break, skip a pose if I need to.
      What are your thoughts?

      • says

        Same as you. Of course it can be dangerous if you push yourself and do things your body isn’t ready for, but so can any other activity. And probably the type of person that is going to push themselves and maybe get hurt in yoga is the same person who would push themselves and maybe get hurt in weight lifting/running/rock climbing/whatever.

        I think the beauty of yoga is that it is viewed as a life long practice and that there is no need to rush poses/postures.

        I certainly don’t plan to give it up. I’m actually headed to a class today! :)

        • Emily says

          Exactly. It seemed like they were really concerned with headstands (and the like) – something I’ve barely even tried even though I’ve been consistently practicing for a few years. I went yesterday and I’ll go tomorrow. :) Enjoy your class!

  1. says

    My pugs! It’s been a good, but slightly stressful start to the new year and they are my stress relief. It’s hard to be serious when they are so hilarious. Ditto on the yoga, and I need to check out those workouts! Oh, and the ginger chews, big fan! I got some for motion sickness at one point and they have turned into a snack.

  2. says

    I definitely did not see that negative NYT yoga article. I am keeping it on my love list anyway! I’m also not sure I could live without my chocolate lab, a morning cup of coffee (or two!) and my iPod touch.

  3. says

    love your big salad and all of these things! Skype is so fantastic for friends and family around the country :)

    The things I can’t live without right now are: coffee, a nice breakfast to get me through the morning, a new playlist on my iPod that makes working out tolerable…

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  5. says

    LOVE your blog!
    I can’t live without oatmeal, my planner, notepads for making lists, mascara, my mother, oversized sweatshirts/sweatpants for lounging, and peanut butter.

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