typical day of eats

Since I don’t post everything I eat and it may at times seem like all I eat is cheese and pasta and drink red wine ;) I thought I would show you a day of typical eating for me:

Breakfast: I am a total egg person – it seems that they are the only thing that keeps me from starving at 9AM. I usually have 2 Organic Eggs, greens and some Sprouted Bread. (with a side of sriracha)


Snack: favorite of the moment, apple and almond butter – glamourous on a paper towel, no?


Salad from the salad bar


leftover sweet potato, spinach and chorizo soup


side of veggies


Snack: my kind of candy bar :)


Dinner: Pick one of these.

deviled-egg spread


You know I love my eggs and so of course I love deviled-eggs but I never make them. Quite frankly I think I just always forget about them. So when I came across this recipe in Food & Wine? A la Rachel Zoe, I die. And I make ASAP.

It was super-easy and a definite crowd-pleaser. They are the retro hor’s d’oeuvres that everyone has had and everyone loves.  I served mine with warm baguette slices and endive leaves. The endive gave it a dainty feel and in my opinion dressed it up a bit. This would be perfect to bring to Holiday parties and events for the not-so-adventurous eaters out there. ;)


spinach & mushroom quiche

I had been wanting to make a quiche for sometime, it is a quick, inexpensive dinner – perfect for weeknights! When I saw some whole wheat pie crusts at Whole Foods I knew it was destined to be. (I’ve never taken note of pie crusts before because I wasn’t a baker until Sunday)

For some reason spinach and mushrooms immediately come to mind so I went with it. And since I generally have a drawer of cheese I rolled with gouda leftover from the Barbeclette because I knew it would melt well. I served it with an herb salad with some kale added in for good measure.

It was delicious and I will definitely be adding quiches to my weeknight meal rotation. The combinations are endless!



1 Whole Grain Pie Crust

2 portobella mushrooms, chopped

3 cups spinach

1 shallot, sliced

4 eggs, beat

1/4 cup Half & Half

1/2 cup gouda, chopped

salt & pepper

*Organic when possible

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray pan with olive oil or cooking spray.

Saute shallot, mushrooms and add spinach at the end until wilted. Cool.


Beat eggs with half & half and salt & pepper. Pour egg mixture into the pie crust and sprinkle vegetables evenly in pan, followed by cheese.


Bake for about 30 minutes or until golden brown.


restaurant: NOLA

One of the best meals we had in New Orleans (and trust me, there were many, many meals) was at Nola, one of Emeril’s restaurants in New Orleans. The service was IMPECCABLE, the drinks and food were outstanding and it was my Mom’s Birthday so it made it extra special! I don’t have any pictures of the drinks, but the Cosmo was the best I’ve ever tried, the vodka is infused with Pineapple…pretty sure you will see this upcoming on the blog, I just have to re-create it! I would go back here in a heart-beat and if you are ever in New Orleans you should definitely try it out! On to the good part:

gulf oysters and crabmeat baked in the wood oven with garlic butter and herb bread crumbs

duck confit and fried egg pizza with parmesan cheese, truffle oil and baby arugula (this was one of my favorites of the evening)

miss hay’s stuffed chicken wings with homemade hoisin dipping sauce

arugula and radicchio tossed in lemon vinaigrette with parmesan, shaved bresaola and roasted sweet peppers

smoked cheddar cheese grits (i love grits, everyone thought i was crazy until they tried these… good grits will convert anyone, i promise)

side of grilled shrimp

the taster’s garlic crusted texas redfish cooked in the wood burning oven with brabant potatoes, crimini mushrooms, bacon and sauce beuree rouge

my other taster’s (dad) hickory-roasted duck with whiskey-caramel glaze, buttermilk cornbread pudding, haricot verts-fire roasted corn salad, natural jus and candied pecans