My good friend Nikki is moving to California this month :(  (one of those situations where I’m sad she’s leaving but so happy for her at the same time!)
Since she has a special place in her heart for Spain I wanted to have her over for some Spanish Tapas – or my attempt at Spanish Tapas. The great thing is that everything was basically ready to go so it was perfect for a week-night get-together with little time to prep.
The Menu:

Marinated Artichokes, Olive Tapenade & Sundried Tomato Tapenade

Stuffed Olives – Feta, Jalapeno & Sundried Tomato

The Spanish classics: Serrano ham & Manchego (along with some Goat Brie that was calling my name)
All served with crackers and crusty baguette.

Wishing you and Nick the best of luck Nikki! Minneapolis will miss you!

the perfect snack

As you have probably noticed by now, flavors from the Mediterranean are some of my favorite. It is all the more reason to travel – ever since I visited Greece I seem to sneak those classic Med flavors into everything! Here is a picture from Githio, a little coastal town that we visited.  Love Greece.

Anyway, onto the snack. Cucumbers topped with hummus and tapenade. I could eat this all day. One of my favorite combo’s combining vegetables, protein, fiber and good fats. It works for me!

Then I tried a twist on the old favorite…I toasted a tortilla (French Meadow Bakery’s Fat Flush that is sprouted & flourless and my favorite) in the oven until crispy, topped with hummus, a tomato slice and some tapenade. It. Was. Pure. Heaven.

PS. I’m watching Mama Mia and REALLY missing Greece! :) (and singing along, I’ll admit to that)

mediterranean dip

This is an easy dip to put together in a flash.  It combines vegetables, probiotics (from the yogurt),  protein and fiber.  I served with baked pita chips and it made for a very satisfying afternoon snack.

Mediterranean Dip
1 container Greek yogurt
1/2 cup chickpeas
2 cups cucumber, chopped
Red onion, peppers, olives, chopped (optional)
1 clove garlic, minced
Dill, salt, pepper

Mix yogurt, garlic, salt, pepper and dill.
Stir in chickpeas, cucumber, peppers, olives and onion.
Serve with baked pita chips and enjoy!

picture taken by Nick Atkins