ask the nutritionist: favorite fast food


Now usually I bring my own lunch to work, but there are definitely times when I don’t have time the night before or I just don’t have any great lunch food on hand…or I’m just plain lazy :)
I work in the suburbs and so there are not a lot of great restaurant options (think every fast food restaurant you could ever imagine) – not really my style and while I do enjoy Panera from time to time Chipotle has my heart. So fresh, flavorful and delicious AND I think it’s pretty easy to walk away with a healthy lunch on the go.
Here is one of my favorites from Chipotle:
Lettuce, fajita veggies, black beans, pico de gallo, medium salsa, a side of guac and sometimes chicken or steak.
I appreciate their commitment to not using dairy/meat products with antibiotics as well as beginning to implement organic beans (they are currently using organic beans in about 30% of their locations) and think they are heading fast food in the right direction. Oh and it is probably one of the only fast food restaurants that you can actually make a decent-tasting raw meal. (Lettuce, pico and guac)

in my cupboard: sunshine falafel burgers

The sunshine burgers are back in a falafel version and as expected, they are fabulous!
Served with tzatziki sauce and a greek salad it was a fast, fresh, balanced meal! I can’t wait to try the Southwest variety as well – these are definitely a new staple in our house!

My Tzatziki Recipe:
Greek yogurt (I prefer 2%)
Chopped cucumber
Minced garlic
Splash of olive oil & vinegar
Dill, Salt & Pepper

raw california ranch salad

This recipe was inspired by Gena at Choosing Raw – she had a recipe for a California Ranch Wrap – raw style that looked great! Since I usually have to pack everything up to take to work I thought I would just chop everything for the sake of ease :)

Salad Ingredients:
- Napa cabbage
- chopped carrot
- green pepper
- cucumber
- avocado
- Gena’s raw ranch (cashew based)

The ranch dressing from Gena was awesome and I didn’t even use any fresh herbs because I didn’t have any – next time there will be some fresh ones and I imagine that it will add that much more flavor. I see many more of these colorful salads in my future!

eating experiment: part 2

So far so good! I didn’t make it home Sunday for dinner so I am actually down to 2 dinners, 3 lunches (out of the office tomorrow) and 4 breakfasts. I know it doesn’t seem like that many meals and considering that I already have some of the ingredients for 1 of the dinners I do kind of feel like I’m cheating…
Anyway, the taster was a dear and actually went to the store for me since I was out of town (which also could have helped to only get the necessities) but the grand total was… $30.44!!! Yay!
My budget meal last night was a curried quinoa salad that was inspired by the Salad Girl dressings- Curry & Fig that I tried last week.

- red inca quinoa
- garbanzo beans
- 1/2 chopped cucumber
- 1 chopped green pepper
- chopped red onions
- 2 Tbsp salad girl curry & fig dressing
- 2 Tbsp olive oil
- splash of hot sauce
- salt and pepper
Served over greens and an extra dose of hot sauce for me, it was perfect for a HOT, muggy, summer night!