surf & turf

Sometimes Sunday’s (especially rough ones) call for indulgent meals….and considering that crab was on sale this weekend it was a meal I couldn’t pass up. Crab is not something I have on a regular basis (I do live in Minnesota) but oh how I love it!!!  Some butter for the crab and sriracha (of course) for the steak!
A side of asparagus to complete the meal…

The main event…

All together now… not the prettiest of shots, but you get the point :)  Enjoyed with some wine and my favorite ;)

carolina style shrimp & grits

Healthy?  Not so much.  But it counts as a whole grain, right? Ok, I will admit, grits were never a food that appealed to me in any way. That is, until I actually experienced them in the south itself.  I have tried to recreate them, but it just has not worked. I’m not sure if it is because the grits I had were 1/2 butter and cheese or if there is some secret of the South that I’m not aware of…but when I found a recipe in this month’s Gourmet magazine for Maverick Grits I knew that I had to give them another try.  I loosely followed the recipe and I was very pleased with how it turned out.  The taster is not a huge fan of grits/polenta so it was not his favorite, but I think it was his favorite try yet. There was a definite cajun flavor but I think next time I will add more tomatoes, green onions and maybe throw in some greens like kale or something!