baby update: 38 weeks

I’m really, REALLY hoping that this is my last update, but I am also fully aware that it probably won’t be. Not happy about it, but fully aware.

At this point, we are SO excited to meet this baby (and find out if it is a boy or a girl, and find out if it has red hair, and squeeze it constantly!) that the thought of a few more weeks is a little brutal. At the same time, since we’re pretty much ready for the baby (I just need to press “BUY” on that last amazon order) so I’m trying to take advantage of these last few weeks and fill them with fun things like dates and movies and restaurants and friends. Oh, and lots of rest because I’m feeling kind of exhausted.

Bump Pics:

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Nursery Pics: This room is so tiny that it was a little hard to get good photos, but I wanted to give you a little idea of what it looks like! We kept things really simple with black and white and a few pops of color with the DIY mobile and some brighter sheets and changing pad covers. I’d like to find another spot for the humidifier as it takes up a lot of room on the changing table that I think we’ll want for other items but at this point I’m waiting until we’re using this room to see what rearranging needs to happen. I didn’t want a chair in the room at first (again, it’s tiny!) but I think it will be really nice to have in there for nighttime feedings and reading at bedtime.



 The Details:

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8 steps to spring clean your diet

Spring is here! (Though it might be 90 this weekend and I’m not looking forward to it.)

It’s a great time to make some changes in your diet. Instead of major overhauls, and an all-or-nothing approach, I’m a fan of small changes. I’m sharing 8 easy ways you can improve your diet, by adding some things (greens!) and removing others!

8 Steps to Spring Clean Your Diet

What would you add to the list? 


8 Steps to Spring Clean Your Diet!

daily eats: march 8, 2015

I’m switching up this week’s daily eats post and sharing a day of weekend eating! My weekend eating is a bit different than weekday eating. It’s less structured, not as healthy and typically is lacking vegetables.

beverage: coffee + 1/2 & 1/2. I spent the morning putzing around, working on some recipes and starting to pack for the hospital! Next week I’m determined to go to brunch.

Daily Eats |

breakfast: almond butter french toast (2 slices sprouted bread + 1 egg + 1 Tbsp almond butter + 1-2 Tbsp maple syrup). This is for the Snap Fitness blog (I create recipes for them) and you’ll probably see the recipe soon, it’s a good one!

Daily Eats |

workout: 45 minute walk. Though I’m not sure that should be categorized as a workout…I’m still on a walking and physique 57 workout plan.

lunch #1: cherrios w/ ancient grains (sent from General Mills) + blueberries + 2% milk.

Daily Eats |

Sundays are my meal prep days and while I typically make salads for our lunches, in an effort to clean out the freezer of some tempeh and quinoa, I made Cuban Fried Quinoa with Black Beans and Tempeh via Oh My Veggies. If you like quinoa and tempeh, you’ve got to try this, it’s great!

lunch #2: mac & cheese + shrimp linguine sauce. The weirdest lunch ever. We had leftover shrimp linguine sauce but I wanted mac & cheese instead of plain pasta, so I ate the sauce on the side. :)

Daily Eats |

snack: starburst jelly beans. My favorite Easter treat!

Daily Eats |

dinner: 2 chicken drumsticks + green beans + potato chips. I had originally intended to make some sweet potato fries, but it was too hot for the oven and I didn’t remember until the chicken was already on the grill. Potato chips made an excellent replacement.

Daily Eats |

dessert: more jelly beans!

thoughts: Too much candy. Not enough vegetables. And not really worrying about any of it. :)

baby update: 36 weeks

Ahhhhh! As I mentioned on Tuesday, we are getting so close! And it is pretty crazy to think that we could have a baby this month. (Or soon after.)

I thought I would continue with the grey tank theme in the pictures…partly for consistency but honestly because I currently wear the same four shirts on rotation. And this is one of them. :) (It’s also funny to look back at the older pictures (17 weeks // 30 weeks) when I thought I had a belly, they look so small in comparison!)

36 weeks |

So what’s happening? My belly is running out of space, so I don’t know how we have another 3.5 weeks to go, especially because at this point, all the baby is doing is packing on pounds. (It seems like this is a universal feeling when you reach this stage.) My Doctor is going to measure the baby at 38 weeks to see if the size has evened out or if baby is just large.

With the exception of one (maybe, hehe) last trip to Target, I think we have most of the “stuff” we need. We’re keeping things pretty minimal (no space!) and basic and we should have everything we need for the first few days or weeks. If not, thank goodness for amazon prime and grandparents who will be here to help.

I’m closing out things at work, and passing along responsibilities, which is such an odd feeling. I’d like to have everything that needs to be finished done by the end of next week…and now that I type that out, I realize that I need to get going! I plan on working until I go into labor, and if I have two+ weeks to work on “extra” tasks, all the better.

We have a few big things to do this weekend:

The details:

36 weeks |

 Labor words of wisdom…please share!