daily eats: may 20, 2015

As I’m typing up this post, little Demi is sleeping (and snoring a bit, if we’re going to be truthful) next to me. I smile and my heart feels full. (Before you go thinking she is an excellent sleeper and never makes a peep, just the day before she was boycotting naps.) I’ve learned that the only constant in life with a baby is that no day is like the one before. (That’s like a quote, right?) Some days are tough. And some days are so easy.

Daily Eats: How This Nutritionist Really Eats | A Nutritionist Eats

I go back to work next month (thankfully I’m easing into it with a part-time schedule) and I’m totally struggling with the constant battle of ‘get things done around the house’ (or, maybe fitting in a workout!) and saying ‘the hell with all of it’ and just soaking up every second with her that I can. I think about the future of this site, my freelance projects (which I LOVE!) and how the little time at home is about to be more precious than ever. I’m definitely thinking about how I’ll manage it all in a few months. Tips? Please share!

Delicious food will always be a part of my life, that is a constant I can count on! So yesterday…

beverage: morning coffee + 1/2 & 1/2.

Daily Eats: How This Nutritionist Really Eats | A Nutritionist Eats

workout: 25 minutes of physique 57 cardio blast + 60 minute walk around the neighborhood with Demi. I wish I could say that we’ve been going on daily walks, but that would be a lie. What have we been doing? I’m not sure.

breakfast: oatmeal + berries + whole yogurt + sliced almonds. I’ve been switching between egg, avocado & cheese toast and oatmeal for breakfasts, but the oats are great because they don’t require ‘making’ anything. I make a big batch of oats once a week so when I’m ready for breakfast they just need a quick warm-up in the microwave. Oats are great for milk supply, so there’s also that. #milklady

Daily Eats: How This Nutritionist Really Eats | A Nutritionist Eats

lunch: tuna melt (two slices sprouted bread + one can of tuna + mayo + celery and onions + cheese) with carrots and celery on the side.

Daily Eats: How This Nutritionist Really Eats | A Nutritionist Eats

I also tried a new almond ‘mylk’ product. Project Juice (who sent me a few to try!) has a number of mylks (the consistency is more like a smoothie than your typical almond milk) with various flavors – so tasty and even though they are made with ingredients like almonds and dates they taste like a treat! So far, the plain almond mylk is my favorite.

Daily Eats: How This Nutritionist Really Eats | A Nutritionist Eats

beverageiced coffee. But you know this already.

snack: cheese + pita and rice crackers + olives. Standard snacks around here.

Daily Eats: How This Nutritionist Really Eats | A Nutritionist Eats

dinner: wine + turkey kibbeh with cucumber salad & mint-yogurt sauce. We had a Blue Apron shipment this week and I was a little concerned that three nights of ‘real cooking’ might be too much, but it’s been fine. Richie tends to take over Demi-duty when he gets home and so I pour some wine and start on dinner. Perfect! This meal was SO tasty. Possibly one of my favorites.

Daily Eats: How This Nutritionist Really Eats | A Nutritionist Eats

dessert: way too much chocolate. I blame it on the breastfeeding.



oh, hi. (may 2015)

I feel like chatting. It’s been a while (over a week!) since I’ve last posted and to say that I miss it would be a major understatement. So I’m going to ramble a bit!

Life has been busy, in the best possible way! Obviously this girl takes up most of my time and man is it fun. Honestly, the last seven weeks seem like a blur. A really, amazing blur.

We’ve had a string of visitors, or I should say, Demi has had a string of visitors. (Don’t worry, we aren’t kidding ourselves in thinking they are coming to see us!) Richie’s family was here and we were all over town. We ate very well and it was wonderful to see the love that so many people already have for her. #spoiled

The following weekend one of my best friends came for a visit and whipped us into a regular pumping schedule. She’s bossy like that and we listened. We also tried out Mainland Poke restaurant and poke is now my favorite food.

oh, hi. (may 2015) | A Nutritionist Eats

The weekend after that, my brother and mom came to visit and we were able to spend mother’s day all together! The big kids went to Costco in the morning (I had to prep for some cooking demos) and Oma stayed with Demi. We had poke (told you!) and cupcakes for lunch and went for a walk in the afternoon. It was a perfect first mother’s day. And it’s important to note that my brother brought a bag of foraged morel mushrooms and we had an amazing meal of morels sautéed in butter over fresh pasta. OMG!

oh, hi. (may 2015) | A Nutritionist Eats

Speaking of Costco and my mom, who buys cheese in bulk, I’ve finally learned that I need to start buying cheese at Costco. At the rate we go through it, it just makes sense. :)

In great online news for the week, I was featured in a Buzzfeed article: Here’s What Real Healthy People Eat for Breakfast. I shared my egg, avocado and cheese toast – a staple meal!

This week has been so busy but today it’s raining and Demi and I haven’t changed out of our sweatpants all day. Yes! I led cooking demonstrations on Tuesday and Wednesday for a corporate event – I made and sampled overnight museli oats, berry bliss smoothie and broccoli pesto pasta and talked about nutrition. It was a fun way to step back into the working world a bit and step right back out. :) Thankfully, my mom was here to both convince Demi to take a bottle (wow, that was rough, she wasn’t into it) and to watch her while I was gone. At this point in my maternity leave, I’m kind of in denial that I have to go back. I just refuse to think about it.

Why so serious?!

oh, hi. (may 2015) | A Nutritionist Eats

Besides some family pictures this weekend (um, and my panic tomorrow when I have no idea what Demi and I are going to wear) I think we’ll be sticking close to home. We. Can’t. Wait.

Hope you have an amazing weekend, I’ll be back next week with a recipe!

daily eats: april 15, 2015

Wow! Demi and I had a day yesterday. She spent most of 8am-1pm attached to me – eating. She typically eats pretty frequently during the day but this was not how we normally spend the morning. (And hopefully it isn’t a regular occurrence!) I can’t say I blame her though, just like her parents, she really enjoys her food. :)

beverage: morning coffee + 1/2 & 1/2


breakfast: silver hills sprouted herb’s garlic bagel + cream cheese + avocado + tomato slices. In between nursing sessions for Demi, I had a few minutes for breakfast. This is one of my favorite meals right now, and calorie-dense meals are currently what I’m going for. I now understand what people mean when they say they don’t have time – or hands – to eat.


lunch 1: sautéed kale + slow cooked beef. Before my parents left (tear!) I sautéed some kale, cut up some carrots and slow cooked a piece of beef to fill my fridge with some proteins and vegetables. (Both have been lacking lately.) They all came in handy today and I ate some vegetables! Yay!


lunch 2: carrots + cheese + olives + pita chips. This is my favorite snack right now and I have it on a daily basis. :)


snack: 2 pieces of peanut butter ‘eggs’ (recipe from minimalist baker). I didn’t shape them into eggs and dip in chocolate (mostly because I’m lazy) but I’ll definitely make the easy ‘bar’ version again. (I’ll add a few more dates than the recipe calls for to make them a touch sweeter!)


dinner: wine + salad with italian dressing + frozen pizza (topped with mushrooms, pepper, onion and parmesan). I mentioned that we’ve been so spoiled with food and meal from family and friends…and believe it or not, but I’ve been craving frozen pizza! It was time.


thoughts on the day: I’m happy that I got a few vegetables in throughout the day, in addition to dinner. As always, it doesn’t matter if I’m pregnant, breastfeeding, or not, I listen to my body and try to balance mostly healthy food with fun food. If I’m hungry, I eat. If I’m not, I try not to.

baby update: demi

I’ve been at a total loss for how to sum up the last two weeks. Like, I try to start typing but nothing sticks on the screen. I think that a) I’m really emotional b) I’m not sure words can express how I feel and c) we have a baby, WHAT?! (And thank you for all of the sweet congratulations!) 

I can’t believe that she’s been part of our life for two weeks and at the same time, I can’t believe that it’s only been two weeks.


What a ride life with a newborn is. What they say is true: your heart explodes with love you didn’t even know was possible, all you want to do is stare at the most-precious thing you’ve ever laid eyes on….and of course, sleep is severely lacking. (Though I will say that I don’t at all mind waking up to look at her sweet face in the middle of the night.)


We’re settling into a routine which sometimes means all we’ve done before noon is eat (mostly her) and after a somewhat rough start with breastfeeding (she lost too much weight, my milk wasn’t in yet and we had to supplement with formula for about a day) we’ve really hit our stride and it’s getting easier each time. (Side note: I really expected breast feeding to be easy, but we both had a lot to learn. AND, a visit from a lactation specialist was priceless.)


Simply put, it’s been amazing. Before she came along, I thought we would bring her into our world. But it turns out she brought us into hers.