baby update: 36 weeks

Ahhhhh! As I mentioned on Tuesday, we are getting so close! And it is pretty crazy to think that we could have a baby this month. (Or soon after.)

I thought I would continue with the grey tank theme in the pictures…partly for consistency but honestly because I currently wear the same four shirts on rotation. And this is one of them. :) (It’s also funny to look back at the older pictures (17 weeks // 30 weeks) when I thought I had a belly, they look so small in comparison!)

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So what’s happening? My belly is running out of space, so I don’t know how we have another 3.5 weeks to go, especially because at this point, all the baby is doing is packing on pounds. (It seems like this is a universal feeling when you reach this stage.) My Doctor is going to measure the baby at 38 weeks to see if the size has evened out or if baby is just large.

With the exception of one (maybe, hehe) last trip to Target, I think we have most of the “stuff” we need. We’re keeping things pretty minimal (no space!) and basic and we should have everything we need for the first few days or weeks. If not, thank goodness for amazon prime and grandparents who will be here to help.

I’m closing out things at work, and passing along responsibilities, which is such an odd feeling. I’d like to have everything that needs to be finished done by the end of next week…and now that I type that out, I realize that I need to get going! I plan on working until I go into labor, and if I have two+ weeks to work on “extra” tasks, all the better.

We have a few big things to do this weekend:

The details:

36 weeks |

 Labor words of wisdom…please share! 

daily eats: february 17, 2015

I’m bringing back the daily eats posts! (I learned from the survey that the most popular post types are Recipes, Daily Eats, Lately I’ve Been and then Nutrition-related posts.) The daily eats are some of my favorite posts to look back and read so I am happy to add them back into the rotation on a regular basis. Question – do you find calorie/macro counts helpful in these posts? It’s interesting for me to see where I’m at every now and then but it’s not something I do so it’s really only for you! Let me know if you have strong feelings one way or the other.

The last few days I’ve felt hungrier than normal and I’m just kind of going with it. Throughout my entire pregnancy, I’ve eaten pretty normally, and added in more food when I’ve been hungry. So far it’s working well, I’ve gained a little over 20 pounds so far, right on track! Oh and baby is big, 5 lb 10 oz.

workout: 25 minutes of physique 57 cardio blast. After trying (and loving) this workout online, I decided I needed the DVD. It’s a great low-impact (for my downstairs neighbor) workout and I feel like I get a pretty intense workout from it, which doesn’t always happen with the other barre workouts I’ve done.

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beverages: swig of oj with my iron pill + coffee + 1/2 & 1/2

breakfast: peanut butter + jelly sandwich on sprouted bread. I’ve been on a pretty consistent mix of smoothies + paleo banana muffins, oatmeal, and muesli with banana for breakfasts but with some sprouted bread in the fridge, I just had to make a pb + j sandwich. Such an easy breakfast, and it tastes so good.

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lunch: brown rice + jambalaya + side salad. This week is ‘clean out the freezer’ week and how fitting to have a cajun-inspired meal on Fat Tuesday! I’m vowing to label everything that goes in the freezer from now on because I had no idea what this was until I started eating it. I didn’t eat much of the brown rice – it was soaked in water and I was not a fan…

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lunch #2: ohh, and because there was pizza at work I didn’t want to waste any belly space with water-logged brown rice. :) I had two small pieces.

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snack: apple

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dinner: was supposed to be salmon burgers + brussels sprouts but EVERY week, salmon burgers are on the dinner menu and every week they seem to get bumped off. Today, I received an email from PostMates (a meal delivery app/service) with an offer for free ShopHouse (the Asian Chipotle) and obviously I couldn’t pass that up! I had a rice noodle bowl with steak laab, green beans, red curry sauce and pickled vegetables. I love their flavors, but it’s not enough food for me – pregnant or not!

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dessert: x2, but one is healthy enough for breakfast so in my mind I’m considering it a snack! I had two squares of Coconut Raspberry Bars (from The Little French Bakery Cookbook – love this cookbook!) + cake batter chia pudding from Edible Perspective. I’m not sure I would say it tastes like cake batter, but it’s really good and a really nutritious blend of chia seeds, dates, almond butter, oats, etc. that I feel good about eating. I’ll definitely make the pudding again (and I’ll probably double the recipe).

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I have such an exciting weekend planned, I can hardly contain myself! See you next week!

baby update: 30 weeks

It’s a little hard to believe that I’m already at 30 weeks (over 6 1/2 months!). I knew that between a busy fall and the holidays, the months were going to go quickly, but less than 10 weeks to go?! Insanity.

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We’ve been making slow progress on the nursery and it should be done in the next few weeks – I’m excited to see it all finished! We kept things really minimal so there is a lot of black, white and a few pops of color. I ordered some nursery prints and I’m going to attempt a DIY mobile and that’s about it. I’ll show you a picture when it’s done!

We’ve also been preparing in other ways. Last weekend we took a day-long childbirth workshop at BINI Birth and while I went into the class starting to feel nervous for labor, I feel ready to take it on. (Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself so don’t burst my bubble!) We have a few other classes through the hospital and then we’ll be ready…right? ;)

Here are some details, but I’ll end with saying that I really love being pregnant. <3

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And it goes without saying, but bears repeating: Thank you! Thank you for reading, for commenting, for hanging out on social media and for making this little blog such a fun part of my life. I wouldn’t be here without you!

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