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Happy Sunday! How is your weekend? It’s been pretty quiet over here and all about the big move next weekend. Yesterday we trekked it out to Ikea to scope out some furniture and storage options – we’ll probably be back there next week. And today, we’re getting rid of stuff in preparation for our move! (Fingers crossed this is actually happening.)

recommended reading:

Why These Kids Love Kale. I actually heard this story on my way home from work, and had a huge grin on my face the entire time. I’d recommend listening, instead of reading because kids talking about kale… The salad recipe is actually one of my favorite ways to eat lacinato kale, try it out!

Minimalist Baker is a blog that might just turn me into a vegan. Ok, not really, but every recipe they share has me drooling. Peanut Butter Flaxseed Pancakes will be happening ASAP.

And because it’s pretty much impossible to NOT mention Thanksgiving this time of year:

How to Make Thanksgiving Better, According to a Bunch of 8-Year-Olds is hilarious. I’ll share one:

Who does the cooking when you host Thanksgiving at your house?
My dad. He’s the cook, because my mom—I don’t know how to put this—my mom loves to email. She eats, she sleeps, she emails, she takes care of me, she plays with me, she breathes, and she works.

Food & Wine does appetizers right. Thanksgiving Hors d’Oeuvres are classics with a twist. (And my favorite part of the big meal!)

A Few Food Bloggers Share Their Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes (Naturally Ella, Not Without Salt, The Faux Martha and more) and they cover all of the bases: breakfast while peeling potatoes and frantically cleaning; brussels sprouts salad and wine.


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This week TWO major life-things happened. (Work is a whole story on its own, and I’m actually on my way to NYC as we speak. I’m giving a presentation to the board on social media basics + our strategy on Monday. Cross your fingers that I don’t embarrass myself. ;) ) But back to life:

  1. I think I officially look pregnant! It’s the first week that strangers are commenting on it and I’ve noticed random people smiling at me.
  2. We found an apartment! It’s not perfect (perfect in LA would require about $3-4,000/month) but cute, in a great little neighborhood (still in West Hollywood) and has a little room for our little bébé!

recommended reading:

So I have a little catching up to do on the Books You Should Read Before 30 list, but it’s a good place to start.

Spaghetti Squash has never looked so good. (And you’ll never want to eat it plain again: 5 Creative Ways to Cook with Spaghetti Squash)

If you need some convincing to swap out the usual butter and cream for cauliflower in “Alfredo Sauce,” check out this recipe for Healthy Mushroom Alfredo Pasta Bake. Trust me, you’ll be buying a head of cauliflower this afternoon. (Less than 500 calories per serving!)

Perfect your omelet skills with The 2-Minute French Omelet video. Making a perfect omelet is a required life skill.

I love kale as much as the next Californian, but it’s always smart to branch out. The New Kale Salad: 6 Alternative Greens to Dish Out This Fall will give you some inspiration to step out of your salad-rut!

What did you read this week? Share below!

daily eats: october 29, 2014

Good morning internet friends!

workout: This morning (as with most mornings) I had that internal conversation with myself as my alarm went off at 5:25: should I get up and go workout? Or should I sleep? Today, sleep won and my mother will be so disappointed. (She’s been asking me if I’m “staying active”…just about every other day!) ;)

beverages: I drank a green juice (kale + cucumber + lemon + apple + parsley + water) on the way to work and a blonde roast + 1/2 & 1/2 when I got to work. The best way to start the day is a green juice…followed by coffee.

Daily Eats |

breakfast: protein pancakes (turned into muffins) + maple syrup + greek pastures yogurt. I’ve kind of been hoarding yogurts lately. I’m not sure what is happening to me, but in the last month or so, I can’t go to the store without picking up a few yogurts (Fage is on sale! Chobani is on sale! Siggi’s is on sale!) and now I’ve got a stockpile that I’m trying to (literally) shove down Richie’s throat before they go bad. This grass-fed yogurt was being sampled at Whole Foods and I bought two of them…mainly because I used to have that job and I sympathize. (The berry was delicious and they have some really inventive flavors!)

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lunch: I didn’t really pack a lunch today because…well, I just really wanted Clementine. They finally have the late fall/winter menu available and it’s by far, my favorite menu! I always get the 3-Salad-Combo: chicken salad +brussels sprouts + lentils. But when I got back to my office, they had given me egg salad instead. A little disappointing but thankfully, I love their egg salad – and – I haven’t had any reaction to eggs since I’ve been pregnant. I ate a little more than half.

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snack: …the rest of lunch. :)

snack #2/dinner: was fun! We attended the Hello Kitty Convention opening night party, which was downtown LA…I was definitely exposed to the Hello Kitty world! I snacked on a few appetizers (the cutest mini ruebens), popcorn and a bite of cake. I think the highlight of the night was seeing Jenny from Flipping Out – not only is she incredibly sweet, but I fell for her cute little girl who desperately wanted some of my popcorn. (And I totally would have shared, but she wasn’t really old enough for popcorn!)

Daily Eats |

snack #3: I was hungry when I got home so I finished the day off with a bowl of cereal. And crashed into bed.

Any Hello Kitty fans?

oh. baby.

Yes. Ohhhhhhh, BABY!

I’ve been keeping some very exciting news from you and I’m so happy I can finally share it! We’re having a baby at the end of March! I’m currently 17.5 weeks (I’m a little obnoxious and count half-weeks!) along and I’m so grateful to say that things have been going really great (so far!).

Oh. Baby.

I can definitely say that it’s taken over my life, because it’s kind of all I can think about. :)

So…want some details?

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