one year


Yesterday, Richie and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary!

What an adventure the last year has been. We got married, we packed up our things and left our jobs, and moved to Los Angeles. We’ve slowly been settling into our new life here and I must say, it has been an amazing year.

Last weekend we celebrated by taking a weekend trip to the Santa Ynez Valley, which is the wine country outside of Santa Barbara. We took a wine tour (first time), tried tons of great wine, learned a little along the way and I’m ready to go back this weekend. :)

We finished off the celebrating with an amazing dinner at Fig & Olive, a restaurant that I’ve been wanting to visit since we moved into the neighborhood. The food, service and setting were all outstanding and I’m so glad we finally got there. (The Marzipan Cake with Olive Oil Gelato, Candied Orange Olive Oil & Toasted Almonds was life-changing.)

See you Thursday with a recipe!



I’m back!

Hi Friends! Here I am again, after a much longer break than I initially anticipated. I was planning on a week, then I pushed it to two, then I took another! I must say, that while I missed you all a TON, it was pretty amazing not worrying about posting late at night, and spending

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blogging break

Hey Guys! I hope you had a great weekend. I’m going to take a bit of a blogging break and wanted to let you know so you weren’t checking back and getting annoyed that there was nothing new. I’ll be back soon. Tweet


lately i’ve been…(xi)

into DIY art projects (this one is going up in my office and came from Bower Power) feeling like LA is really small…I’ve run into 3 people from high school/college in the last few weeks – all random! brunch at AMMO – so good meeting my new adorable cousin and having a West Coast family

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my new job

Last month, I started a new, full time job. I can’t even begin to express how happy I am to be working full time again. Working from home and working part time has its advantages, but I was starting to get bored. I’ve shared a little bit with you – through the #SNAP4aWeek Challenge and

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lately i’ve been…(x)

wandering the farmers market with Lynn (The Actors Diet) getting obsessed with Babycakes again…tempted to get the cookbook again watching fat, sick and nearly dead – have you seen it? Thoughts? attending the premiere of The Watch (SO fun!) loving the oscars outdoors – an outdoor movie theatre at the academy. In true LA fashion,

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hummus, hummus recipe, hummus paprika, smoked paprika

hummus with smoked paprika butter

Adding butter to hummus seems wrong. But definitely not wrong enough to not try it! In addition to seeming wrong, it also seems brilliant. Food & Wine recently had an article dedicated to the food scene in Minneapolis and finally the food world seems to be giving Minneapolis/St. Paul the credit it deserves. In the

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