I can’t believe it is already mid October! It was a hot, hot day in LA today. Abnormally hot although we still saw people with sweatshirts, coats, etc. I wonder if we will ever wear a sweatshirt when it is 90 degrees out…

Apartment searching is our main focus at this point, but after two straight days, we took the morning off.

The day started out with a walk – we walked around the neighborhood for about 40 minutes, including a stop for coffee.

Then it was time to work for a few hours – I munched on a bag of cashews, almonds and dried cranberries.

I wanted something light as I planned on going to yoga in a few short hours. Planned being the keyword, we left too late and didn’t make it in time. Tomorrow, it is. Since we were already in Santa Monica, we decided to explore a bit and take a walk on the beach. First though, we came across a Whole Foods Market.

One of the only things that could make me feel better about missing yoga (I needed yoga, even the Taster agreed) is a tour of a new Whole Foods and an early lunch. The salad bar was pretty phenomenal and I loaded my box with all lettuces (romaine, spring mix, spinach and kale) then topped with cabbage crunch, lemon tofu, broccoli rabb, roasted cauliflower and hummus. Perfect and the salad bar was $2 off per pound today so it was actually pretty reasonable!

Then we hit the beach for a quick walk, which was just what we needed. I must admit that the apartment hunting has been a little more stressful than I thought it would be. It seems like each place we go is missing one of the aspects we are looking for. :(

Then it was back to the apartment search and we looked at about 5 different places. Nothing great, but we have narrowed it down to two definite neighborhoods, which will hopefully make the process move a little quicker now.

A few hours after lunch, I was of course hungry, so I munched on an apple,

and then some triscuits.

After we returned to my cousins, it was time for pizza, salad and wine. (x2 on the food) Really good pizza – NYC style!

More work and I’m off to bed!

Cross your fingers that we find an apartment today!!


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