curried carrot salad

I have never been a fan of cooked carrots. Ever.

Now raw carrots, preferably with a vat of hummus, I’ll gladly take. So I was a little hesitant about this recipe, but for some unknown reason, it just sounded really good. That obsession that I have with curry might have something to do with it.

I love having another way to eat those carrots! For you know, those times when I’m out of hummus. :)

Curried Carrot Salad
Serves: 4
  • ½ Tbsp olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 lb carrots, peeled and chopped into 1" pieces
  • 4 Tbsp light sour cream
  • ½ tsp coriander
  • 1 tsp curry powder
  • salt & pepper to taste
  1. Heat oil over medium heat.
  2. Add garlic and cook for about 1-2 minutes, until fragrant.
  3. Add carrots and cook for another 4-5 minutes.
  4. Set aside and let cool.
  5. Combine remaining ingredients.
  6. Toss dressing with carrots.
Inspired by Jillian Michaels Making the Cut
Nutrition Information
Calories: 76 Fat: 3 Carbohydrates: 11 Protein: 2



    • Emily says

      Oh thank you! I had a lot of trouble with the pictures, lighting, etc. I tried to go outside to take them and it was so hot it steamed up my camera!!

  1. says

    Yum, those sound great! I hear you about most cooked carrots- sort of too sweet and squishy…but if they’re made right (ie, so they still have some crunch) they’re much better. :) I agree about the photos- so pretty!

  2. says

    I don’t like cooked carrots much either – but I too have an intense love for curry. I have all of these ingredients on hand and was trying to figure out some foods to make for an upcoming road trip. I think I’ll now be bringing some curried carrot salad. :)

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