daily eats 11.16.11 {vegan}

Last week, I followed a paleo diet for a day, and today I’m going Vegan! I was honestly a little nervous about it considering I’ve been loosely following the paleo plan since last week. I thought I would be hungry all the time (carbs make me hungry!). But realized many of my normal meals happen to be vegan.

As always, coffee + coconut creamer to start the morning.

After working furiously for a few hours, I was hungry and ready to eat.

Breakfast: 1/3 cup oats + 2/3 cup almond milk + 1 Tbsp peanut butter. I should have made 1/2 cup oats and another Tbsp of peanut butter but it lasted me through some errands which included finding a stamp pad to send out our wedding thank-you’s (harder than you might think), the bank, and once again, at AT&T. (Don’t ask)

Back at home I decided to head out for a quick run before eating lunch. I was going to wait until after, but realized that it would decrease my chances of actually doing it, so I just went! 2.5 mile run, 1.5 mile walk (50 minutes) in the sunshine. :) 

Lunch was totally random. I had some Gardein Crispy Strips in the freezer because I still hadn’t tried them (I don’t eat fake meat that often) but I loved these!! They are definitely a vegan junk-food and have quite a few ingredients, but they were super crispy and a really fun lunch. I had them with a side of arugula + eggplant + punjab eggplant. (Oh and of course sriracha)

The unpacking project of the day was to start the desk area (thanks Taster!)… a few more things to do and my work space will be complete!

The only time today that I really didn’t want to be a vegan was during cocktail hour, mainy because we have this amazing raw gouda cheese in the fridge…

But I powered through my craving and had a little plate of crackers + carrots + olives instead of cheese. (Or salami!)

Dinner was a recipe from Rachael Ray – Veggie Curry Bowls (brown rice + spinach + beans) + some sauteed mushrooms on the side. They curry bowls were disappointing – not very flavorful. I smothered it with sriracha and ate it anyway but didn’t save the leftovers.

Now I’m snacking on some dried mango and wishing I had some popcorn…but settling on a bowl of Kashi Go Lean + almond milk.

Nutrients: 70 g protein, 69 g fat, 256 g carbohydrates, 45.4 g fiber, 73 g sugar, 1,992 calories

Thoughts on my Vegan Day: Even though the grams of protein were very close to my paleo day, protein from vegetarian sources just doesn’t satisfy me the same as eggs, meat and fish do. (I wish it did!) The fiber was impressive, but I couldn’t stop snacking after dinner! I incorporate many vegan meals without even thinking twice, but I enjoy my “higher quality” protein sources and of course, cheese. :)


    • Emily says

      I was actually really surprised about how much I did get! The gardein crispy strips accounted for about 20 grams and the cereal at the end 13 grams. (And those aren’t foods I would eat on a daily basis)

  1. says

    In the summer I tested the Dukan Diet for two weeks and I followed that with a period of being vegan. I Didn’t find the transition hard as like you I tend to veer towards animal free foods naturally but I do think I have to eat more to feel full despite trying to eat lots of vegan proteins. Also I get ‘softer’ shall we say on vegan foods! Oh and I have a really bad reaction to quinoa annoyingly enough. Gives me a stomach pain and nausea. Have you come across this before with quinoa?

  2. says

    Send some sunshine this way! It’s cold on the east coast and my morning clients were all tired and slow, just like I was. ;) I like following your posts on the different meal plans you are trying. Rachel Ray makes pre-packaged dinners now? Have a great Thursday!

    • Emily says

      Oh it was a recipe from her magazine – I should add the link if I can find it! Glad you enjoy the meal plan posts – it is fun! :)

  3. says

    I have never tried any of the Gardein products, I want to but don’t know which one to pick first. Thanks for the recommendation on the chicken strips.

    I eat mostly vegetarian dishes + my side of fish (mostly fish that is caught by my husband) but there are days that I eat vegan without even realizing it.

  4. says

    I focus on mainly plant foods, with an occasional egg, serving of cheese, or Greek yogurt thrown in. Tofu and tempeh are very filling; I will agree with you that beans and nuts are not as filling. I have eaten nearly vegan for long stretches in the past, and I agree with you, too — I had never felt so hungry! My body does crave a bit of animal protein here and there, but I know I’m healthiest on my “mostly plants” diet. Just like Michael Pollan says, right? ;)

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