daily eats: 2.19.14

Hi All! How was Valentine’s Day? We spent the evening drinking my favorite wine (Evolution) and celebrating a birthday at a bar called Mickey’s in our neighborhood. Lots of fun and lots of boys in underwear. :)  It was also a great weekend (aren’t all three day weekends?) – we saw Gravity (I hated it!), hung out with friends, went for a hike and ate a lot. Oh, and started watching House of Cards…or I should really say, binge-watched House of Cards. Do you watch it? We’re obsessed.

workout: 45-ish minute run/walk at the gym (about 3.5 miles total)

beverage 1: green juice: romaine + cucumber + parsley + lemon + wheat grass + pineapple

how this nutritionist really eats | A Nutritionist Eats

beverage 2: coffee + 1/2 & 1/2

breakfast: bagel + cream cheese during a work meeting

Nutritionists never “recommend” eating bagels for breakfast – they are high in calories, not very filling, and studies always show you eat more than if you were to eat eggs in the morning – BUT you know what? I love them. If I try to avoid them, I’ll think about bagels all day so I eat the bagel, enjoy it and not give it another thought. Could I be skinnier (or stronger – which seems to be the latest word) if I stopped eating bagels and cupcakes and cheese? Probably. Would I be happier? No.

My definition of eating perfectly isn’t about eating “100% clean” or “whole30 approved” or  “low-carb.” It’s about eating a balance of good (for you) food and good (for your soul) food.

lunch: egg salad (2 eggs + mayonnaise + onion) with a big salad (greens + cucumber + cilantro dressing). Loved this ultra-simple egg salad.

how this nutritionist really eats | A Nutritionist Eats

snack: brown rice crackers + cheese stick + a few fried peanuts

how this nutritionist really eats | A Nutritionist Eats

dinner: parmesan crusted chicken breast + asparagus was on the menu. Then there was a last-minute invite to visit Top Round and we never say no to a dinner date. Revised dinner was a roast beef sandwich with provel cheese, horseradish cream, roasted mushrooms on a sesame bun + curly fries + a few bites of custard. It was delicious.

photo (86)

approximate nutrition stats: 1,940 calories, 96 grams fat (44%), 191 grams carbohydrates (39%), 16 grams fiber, 27 grams sugar, 83 grams protein (17%)

thoughts: The calories weren’t as high as I would have thought – a pleasant surprise! Fiber and protein are lower than I usually like, but today was heavy on the good (for your soul) food and that’s ok.


  1. says

    I love your comment about you may be skinnier/stronger but not happier if you cut out bagels. I feel the exact same way. People expect that you’re a Dietitian and you eat perfectly. I eat mostly good but believe me I enjoy my treats too! And they make me happy so I am unwilling to give them up.

  2. says

    We are also OBSESSED with House of Cards! And I think I would hate Gravity too! I am dying to hear more about the trip you have planned, let’s catch up soon!

    • Emily says

      I was just thinking yesterday that I need to call you, it’s been too long! I wish we were still neighbors and could binge-watch House of Cards together.

  3. says

    I totally agree with your approach to eating, it’s all about balance and you definitely have to enjoy your life and live a little. I can’t imagine eating “clean” all the time. That sounds miserable :/ Plus, you won’t see me giving up wine or chocolate anytime soon! ;)

  4. says

    Spot on with your eating perfectly perspective. SPOT. ON. I’m tired of the paleo / whole30 police! I miss bagels… I almost bought Udi’s GF ones last night… have you tried them?

    Also, I LOVED Gravity! Super intense, but so good. Adding House of Cards to my must-watch list :)

    • Emily says

      You know, I tried them so long ago I don’t remember. And they’ve probably been reformulated by now too. I’m going to the big food show in a few weeks, I’ll be on a lookout for GF bagels for you!

  5. says

    i’ve been craving bagels for dayssssss! now i need one, stat. it didn’t help that a few weeks ago after church my husband stopped at panera to get me a bagel. once you have one after not having them for awhile, they’re all you think about! haha i’m ridiculous.

  6. says

    Cannot wait to watch the next season of House of Cards! We binge watched the first season, too. I’m kind of glad for the Downton Abby and Justified break so we could discover it! And I like to use bagels as a reason why I run. Haha!

  7. says

    High-Fives to eating bagels and amazing burgers and french fries! Yes I could have a six pack if I wanted to, but you know what I LOVE food, I LOVE wine, and I want to still be sane and happy at the end of the day. I always love your honesty and that you enjoy food. Have a great weekend! XO

  8. says

    I just had this conversation the other day with a friend. Yes we could all be militant about what we eat, but life is indeed short, and food is not only nutrients. My only caveat is that we need to learn to balance these indulgent and “less than healthy” moments. That is a skill far created to develop than abstinance.

    All about the House of Cards binge watching. We’re deep into it here too!

    • Emily says

      I just saw this comment! (I think it was when I was on vacation) I also thought it was very well done, I didn’t like it because I had HORRIBLE anxiety throughout the whole movie…I want nothing to do with space. :)

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